Calibration and Repair Solutions for IOtech Products

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IOtech products for vibration and acoustical analysis are now directly sold and supported by National Instruments. This document explains the NI services for supporting these devices long term. Both for future calibration and repair of the USB 600 series and ZonicBook IOtech devcies.

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  1. Calibration
  2. Repair
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1. Calibration

IOtech dynamic signal acquisition products, such as the ZonicBook and 600 Series DSA devices are now directly sold by NI. These products have been manufactured in NI facilities for many years and the product reliability will remain of the same high quality. NI intends to continue supporting all of the current IOtech dynamic signal acquisition products and calibration solutions are available for each of them.  Factory calibration can be provided for NI IOtech HW.  Please contact if you have a need for accredited calibration.

IOtech 600 Series USB

Calibration of the 600 Series USB IOtech products can be done in two ways. NI offers flat rate manufacturing test services. This service will return the device meeting the NI manufacturing standards with attached documentation. This test should be valid for ISO 9001 needs.

Further calibration of the USB 600 series can be provided by Trescal. Trescal operates the NI Certified Calibration Centers in the Americas. They can provide calibration with past data, and meet the requirements of more stringent standards such as ISO 17025.


Calibration Pricing for IOtech USB 600 Series Devices

IOtech ZonicBook/618E 

ZonicBook devices can be tested at NI manufacturing facilities in the same way as the 600 Series devices can. The manufacturing test service will return an ISO 9001 certificate and guarantees the device to manufacturing standards.  This manufacturing test is also provided at a flat rate per device.

Calibration Pricing for IOtech ZonicBook/618E and WBK-18 Devices

Many customers need to maintain their own calibration systems and NI is ready and able to aid in the setup of an internal calibration procedure. NI can provide a software utility and documentation to quickly setup and run an in house calibration system for both USB 600 series and IOtech ZonicBook devices. Please contact NI for information regarding those utilities and pricing.

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2. Repair

All IOtech products can be repaired by NI. NI Products have a one year warranty, and can then be repaired for a fee. If only a manufacturing test is needed to fix the board then that will be the charge. The cost of actual repair will change depending on the device. Extended warranty can be purchased on new IOtech products to lower the potential long term cost of repairing these devices. Please visit our Repair and Replacements Services page to learn more about available warranty options.

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3. Contact NI

Please contact NI with any questions regarding calibration or repair of IOtech products. The NI Sound and Vibration team is ready to provide quick and ready service to ensure the continued success of IOtech dynamic signal acquisition products.

Tel: (888) 280-7645     Email NI

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