Third-Party Add-ons for LabVIEW: Terms & Conditions of Sale

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In an effort to provide you with the opportunity to expand the functionality of your measurement and automation application, NI connects you, through, with third-parties offering Third-Party Add-Ons for LabVIEW. These Add-Ons work with LabVIEW to provide additional or different functionality. Although these products are available through, the products are actually purchased by customer such as you directly from the applicable third-party providers, as listed in the table below. Since you are purchasing the Add-On from the Third Party Provider, that applicable third-party provider’s Terms of Sale apply to your purchase of the Add-On, not NI’s Terms and Conditions of Sale. NI is merely providing a service to you by facilitating the sale of these Add-Ons. Before taking advantage of this service, please carefully review the section entitled Third-Party Providers in NI’s Terms of Use , which Terms of Use govern your use of the service and of generally. Please also carefully review the terms and conditions of each third-party Add-On provider below before purchasing any Add-Ons from that provider through

The following table lists the applicable Terms & Conditions of Sale for each Add-on.

3rd Party LabVIEW Add-on 3rd Party Provider Terms & Conditions of Sale
CURE Pattern ID Toolkit Neural ID Neural ID Terms & Conditions of Sale
Intelligent Controller Parameterization (ecICP) ExpertControl ExpertControl Terms & Conditions of Sale
Industry Feedback Controller (ecCST) ExpertControl ExpertControl Terms & Conditions of Sale
LTK LabVIEW Localization Toolkit S.E.A. GmbH S.E.A. Terms & Conditions of Sale
VI Package Manager JKI Software JKI Terms & Conditions of Sale
Robotics Library for DENSO ImagingLab ImagingLab Terms & Conditions of Sale
Robotics Library for MITSUBISHI ImagingLab ImagingLab Terms & Conditions of Sale
Robotics Library for KUKA ImagingLab ImagingLab Terms & Conditions of Sale
vibDaq Cal-Bay Systems Cal-Bay Systems vibDaq Terms & Conditions of Sale
RF Analyzer WinSoft WinSoft Terms & Conditions of Sale
SmartSQLVIEW for SQLite SAPHIR SAPHIR Terms & Conditions of Sale
ModBusVIEW over TCP SAPHIR SAPHIR Terms & Conditions of Sale


Third-Party Add-Ons for LabVIEW are offered by independent third-party providers who are solely responsible for such products. The sale of these Add-Ons is subject to the Terms and Conditions of Sale of the applicable third-party provider. NI’s Terms and Conditions of Sale do not apply to the purchase of the Third-Party Add-Ons. Further, the third-party providers are business entities independent from NI and have no agency, partnership, or joint-venture relationship with NI. Neither the third-party providers themselves, nor any of the software programs, documentation, materials, goods or services posted, provided or offered by any of them, are affiliated with, or endorsed, sponsored or approved by, NI. Information about such products and services is provided by the respective third party providers, who are solely responsible for such content, as well as for their products and services. NI does not warrant or assume any responsibility for, and shall have no responsibility or liability associated with, the sale, purchase, use, or support of third-party provider products (including without limitation the Third-Party Add-Ons made available through or services or any other materials associated therewith. Any concerns, support requests, or questions you have regarding the products or services of these third party providers or related content should be addressed directly with the applicable third-party provider. For additional information regarding third-party providers and the Third-Party Add-Ons featured on this page please see the section entitled Third-Party Providers in the Terms of Use. NI DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL LIABILITIES FOR AND MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EITHER EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO THIRD-PARTY PRODUCTS (INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION THE THIRD-PARTY ADD-ONS MADE AVAILABLE THROUGH NI.COM) OR SERVICES PROVIDED BY THIRD-PARTY PROVIDERS, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY AND ALL IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT OF INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY.
Some states do not allow limitations on implied warranties, so these limitations may not apply to you. You may have other rights which vary from state to state.

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