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Engine research and development are driving the need for more precise and highly repeatable test systems that are also easily adaptable to a variety of scenarios required for engine and drivetrain testing.

NI Expertise Overview

With the new international focus on stricter emissions testing, the market for combustion engine test cells has flourished. As a result, there is a need for more advanced technology to perform the necessary tests. Traditional test methods have remained relatively stable for decades. However, instrumentation has advanced considerably in recent years. NI delivers modern exhaust emissions test cells that use the most advanced test methods to ensure engineers get what they need: real-time results based on accurate data. The CompactRIO Test Cell Control and Monitoring System helps customers achieve those goals. NI software and VeriStand test system configuration help customers get up and running faster. You can connect sensors and tune parameters to start controlling loads immediately. The number of control loops can just as easily be expanded to meet more complex application needs.

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Ford Motor Company implemented a flexible HIL test system to evaluate passenger vehicle fuel cells.
Test cells combine industrial machinery with precision control and laboratory-quality measurements to replicate real-world environments.
NI VeriStand helps you create real-time testing applications more efficiently.

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Application Resource Kit

In-Vehicle Data Logging Resource Kit

Learn how to configure your logging system with various software environments, and find out how to view synchronized data for post-processing. Additionally, see the advantages of NI communications interfaces and in-vehicle logging platforms.