Data Management and Analysis

NI provides data management software that ranges from individual clients all the way to server products to help you intelligently standardize, analyze, and report on large amounts of data.

Successful automotive end-of-line test systems can stimulate, measure, and validate the functionality of automotive electronic control units, mechanical parts, and systems.

NI Expertise Overview

NI is uniquely positioned to satisfy the automotive industry's data management needs with several automotive-specific applications. As one of the cofounders of ASAM and an active member of the ASAM ODS working group, NI helps to define the standard for storing and analyzing data in the automotive industry. Some of the core technologies used is from the DataFinder Server Edition, which securely defines access to data based on user permissions and has a process of standardizing metadata consistently regardless of source. This ensures consistency in the process of performing analysis such as that required for crash analysis. The DIAdem Crash Analysis Toolkit is a standard among trusted five-star crash testers.

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