Condition Monitoring

Guaranteeing the uptime, system health, and proper functioning of production machinery is crucial. Today’s engineers can use condition-monitoring sensing technologies to ensure the safe operation of plant and mechanical equipment.

NI Expertise Overview

Loss of electricity and unplanned machinery downtime are leading causes of industrial plant and process plant shutdowns. Customers use NI tools to ensure the safe operation of plant and mechanical equipment as well as the safety of maintenance technicians working in these industrial plants. NI’s condition-based maintenance systems maximize yield and quality, reduce scrap, limit unscheduled outages, and reduce maintenance and repair costs. A wide range of manufacturing subsectors deploy NI solutions, such as CompactRIO and NI InsightCM™ software, that can easily scale to cover entire production plants. This ready-to-run integrated hardware and software solution for online condition monitoring helps companies gain insight into the health of rotating machinery to improve operations and enhance maintenance programs.

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