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Trend Watch 2015: Internet of Things Summit

This two-day summit brings leaders in industry and academia to discuss how the Internet of Things links our physical world with digital infrastructure and the resulting impact on engineering from design to manufacturing. Attend this summit to hear about the enabling technology behind the IoT; see examples of how organizations are benefiting from smart, connected systems; and gain insights on how they are looking to create a smarter, more inter-connected world.

Who Should Attend

Business leaders, researchers and scientists of system design technologies and tools, engineers and engineering managers on system-level design teams, system designers using processors and FPGAs, and technologists wanting to learn about the latest research in system design.


Join a panel discussion led by industry experts as they share their unique perspectives on the business opportunities and technical challenges to design and build the Internet of Things (IoT).

Explore the Internet of Things - Software, Sensors, and Systems

The IoT has evolved into an advanced connection of products, systems, and services that goes beyond machine-to-machine communications; nevertheless, designers must still speculate how their work fits into this picture. Through an open dialogue, examine how engineers and scientists should approach the IoT and how they can shape the ecosystem in the future.

2015 Technical Sessions