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Experience the Trend Watch Series for the Big Analog Data Summit, Future of System Design Panel Lunch and the Cyber-Physical Systems held on Tuesday and Wednesday, August 5 and 6.

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Trend Watch Series

With a user base of 35,000 companies and hundreds of education and technology partners, NI is in a position to examine engineering trends as they happen and connect leaders in academic and industry to help engineers leverage these trends to maximize results. Continuing the efforts from the SmartAmerica Challenge, this year, the Trend Watch Series is taking a closer look at two key engineering trends: big analog data - connecting IT infrastructures and analytic tools with data acquisition systems, and cyber physical systems - systems that continuously and dynamically interact with their environments through the coupling of distributed computational and physical components.

Future of System Design Panel Luncheon – Tuesday, August 5

The Future of System Design Symposium brings together leaders from industry and academia to share insights on the cutting-edge tools and technologies that will shape the world of system design in the coming years. Listen to experts describe the opportunities and challenges in developing the software to take advantage of these systems.

Cyber Physical Systems Summit - Tuesday, August 5

The rise of cyber physical systems is inevitable, and is changing the way organizations and people interact with the physical world. During this summit, leaders from academic and industry will talk about new developments in cyber physical systems, how they are addressing technology gaps in this area, and the opportunities that the shift to cyber physical systems presents to engineering organizations and the world.

The Big Analog Data Summit - Wednesday, August 6

The Big Analog Data Summit, held on, brings together industry leaders, academic, and research companies to discuss how the scientific, engineering, and IT communities can work together to leverage the tremendous technical and business insight that is gained from Big Analog Data. Hear how these organizations are connecting IT infrastructures and analytic tools, such as the cloud, with data acquisition systems to make faster decisions on test data and work more efficiently.

Who Should Attend

Researchers and scientists of system design technologies and tools, engineers and engineering managers on system-level design teams, system designers using processors and FPGAs, and technologists wanting to learn about the latest research in system design.

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