NIWeek 2016 Keynote Presentations

  • Welcome to NIWeek 2016
    Dr. James Truchard, NI President and CEO, kicks off NIWeek and presents some of the significant milestones NI has had over the last 40 years and the future direction of NI technology.
  • LabVIEW 2016
    Eric Starkloff introduces the themes of the first NIWeek 2016 keynote as well as LabVIEW 2016 with Christopher Relf, Becky Linton, Eric Jones, and Sam Roundy.
  • Murchison Widefield Array
    Chad Chesney, Randall Wayth, and Jon Sass discuss the Murchison Widefield Array radio telescope.
  • Saab
    Anders Tunstromer and Frank Heidemann discuss the powerful and cost effective fighter jet from Saab Aeronautics.
  • Flowserve and WIFI cRIO
    Eric Van Gemeren and Brett Burger show off augmented reality to help with machine condition monitoring and troubleshooting of industrial systems.
  • HPE Edgeline
    Dr. Tom Bradicich discusses how to deal with Big Analog Data at the edge using PXI with HPE Edgeline.
  • DMM
    Luke Schreier introduces NI TestStand 2016 and the new 7 and 1/2 digit NI DMM with Jim Bray and Charles Yarbrough.
  • SanDisk
    Juan Saenz from SanDisk discusses improvements in memory.
  • Digital Pattern Instrument
    Luke introduces the latest semiconductor test technology and Anita Salmon and Corby Bryan discusses the new Digital Pattern Instrument and Digital Pattern Editor.
  • Second Generation VST
    Charles Schroeder launches the second generation Vector Signal Transceiver with Dan Baker and Andrew Montag doing a demonstration of the new VST.
  • Intel - Mobile Communications
    Eike Ruttkowski joins Charles to talk about how Intel uses LabVIEW and PXI for Characterization.
  • Audi
    Michael Konrad and Dominik Eyerly discuss how Audi uses NI hardware and software for testing and prototyping advanced driverless cars.
  • Conclusion
    Eric Starkloff concludes the Day 1 Keynote.
  • Jeff Kodosky
    Jeff Kodosky, the Father of LabVIEW, talks about the beginnings and future of LabVIEW
  • TSN
    Scott Rust brings out Jamie Smith to introduce Time-Sensitive Networking (TSN) and Jamie brings Paul Didier, Kevin Stanton and Todd Walter to demonstrate the foundational technology of TSN
  • Oak Ridge National Lab
    Jamie, Todd, and Mark Buckner talk about the challenges and solutions of adding renewable energy to the grid.
  • Intro to 5G
    Scott brings James Kimery on the stage to discuss 5G and the future of wireless technology. James also brings Matt Ettus to the stage to discuss the foundation of software defined radios.
  • Massive MIMO
    James brings Andrew Nix from The University of Bristol and Ove Edfors from Lund University to the stage to discuss their progress in 5G using massive MIMO.
  • mmWave channel sounding
    James brings Arun Ghosh and Tanim Taher to discuss using mmWave in a channel sounding applications.
  • mmWave for WiGig test
    James Anand Iyer and Carla Uribe to the stage to discuss using mmWave technology for WiGig test.
  • New Software
    Scott brings Shelley Gretlein to the stage who brings on Chris Roebuck, Joe Spinozzi, Jenifer Loy, Eli Kerry, Steven Harrison, and J.R. Andrews to the stage to discuss the key investment areas in the NI Software Technology Preview.
  • Intro and DTU Car
    Dave Wilson opens up the Day 3 keynote and brings on the DTU Roadrunners from Denmark Technical University to discuss how they achieved the world record of 665 Kilometers per liter in their car.
  • Air Safety
    Dave brings Dr. Shunichi Futatsumori and Naoki Hayata to the stage to discuss innovations in air safety.
  • Project ALAN
    Dave brings out the University of Leeds to talk about project ALAN.
  • Biostage
    Dave brings out Biostage to discuss the ability to regenerate tissue to regrow organs and help many people.
  • Quantum Computers
    Dave brings out Jacob Sherson and Aske Thorsen from Aarhus University quantum computing which has the potential to change the way computers work.
  • Big Analog Data Panel Discussion
    Dave brings out Mike Santori to introduce the panel discussion with Mark Potter, Michael Schuldenfrei, and Andy Timm.
  • Introduction
    Dave Wilson and Andy Bell introduce the Academic Forum at NIWeek 2016
  • Communications
    Rhys Bowley, Robert Maunder discuss RF communications teaching in the classroom
  • Circuits Introduction
    Andy Bell introduces some of the latest technologies for teaching circuits in the classroom.
  • Circuits and Multisim
    Micheal Goryll and Shauna Rae discuss circuits and Multisim in the classroom.
  • myRIO
    Dana Polstein discusses myRIO.
  • Mechatronics
    David Macnair and Travis Escoffery discuss Mechatronics in the classroom.
  • Quanser and Closing Remarks
    Tom Lee and Paul Karam from Quanser discuss some of the new innovations using NI ELVIS.