NIWeek 2013 Keynote Presentations

  • Introduction and Welcome to NIWeek 2013
    Dr. James Truchard
    Listen as NI Cofounder, President, and CEO Dr. James Truchard opens NIWeek 2013 and explores the future of virtual instrumentation. From cyber-physical systems to Big Analog Data™ solutions, graphical system design provides a platform-based approach for measurement and control.
  • Innovating on a Platform in Our Programmable World
    Eric Starkloff
    Discover how our world has transformed into a programmable system. Platforms provide the foundation for innovating in this programmable world. Listen as NI Senior Vice President of Marketing Eric Starkloff talks about NI’s role in this revolution.
  • Enabling a Community With LabVIEW 2013
    Jon Fournie, Elijah Kerry, David Ladolcetta, Jack Dunaway
    Introducing NI LabVIEW 2013! Explore the new features of the product and learn how they help both the developers of complex systems and those building add-ons to the platform. Watch Jack Dunaway, founder of Wirebird Labs, show his add-on, Deploy, which is built entirely in LabVIEW.
  • LabVIEW Data Dashboard on iOS and Android
    Jon Fournie and Grant Heimbach
    Keeping pace with an increasingly diverse set of computing platforms, the Data Dashboard for LabVIEW adds support for Android tablets and includes new functions to enable feature-rich UI development.
  • Chasing the Land Speed Record With the Rugged Ethernet NI CompactDAQ Chassis
    Chad Chesney, Doug Farrell, Keith Zanghi
    With data acquisition moving closer to the signal source, DAQ systems need to perform in extreme physical conditions. Watch Chad Chesney, director of NI Data Acquisition Product Marketing, unveil the new rugged 8-slot Ethernet NI CompactDAQ chassis.
  • The DarkSide Experiment for Dark Matter Detection
    Chad Chesney, Marco Pallavicini, Kristi Hummel
    Watch as Dr. Marco Pallavicini, professor at the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics, discusses his research on dark matter, and Kristi Hummel, NI group manager for digitizers, demonstrates the new NI PXIe-5162 digitizer.
  • Accelerating Test With Software-Designed Instrumentation and PXI MultiComputing
    Scott Rust, Ryan Verret, Dr. Takao Inoue
    With the flexibility of LabVIEW FPGA and the functionality of standard drivers, instrument driver FPGA extensions add new software functionality to one of NI’s most successful products, the vector signal transceiver.
  • More Power, Less Space: Radio Prototyping With the Latest NI FlexRIO
    Scott Rust, Nikhil Kundargi, Nisha Ganwani
    Discover how the NI PXIe-7975R FPGA module for NI FlexRIO is helping engineers develop radio prototyping solutions faster and with less space. Also learn how 5G wireless is quickly becoming a reality and how NI FlexRIO will help prototype this technology in the future.
  • Xilinx and ARM Discuss the Latest FPGA and Processor Trends for Embedded
    Guest: Tom Lantzsch, ARM, Guest: Victor Peng, Xilinx, and Priya Ramachandran
    Watch Victor Peng, senior vice president at Xilinx, and Tom Lantzsch, executive vice president at ARM Inc., introduce the Zynq family of All Programmable SoCs based on the ARM architecture.
  • Performance and Value From the Most Flexible CompactRIO Controller Ever
    Omid Sojoodi and Guest: Bob Leigh, LocalGrid Technologies
    The NI cRIO-9068 CompactRIO software-designed controller, with the Xilinx Zynq SoC and featuring Linux, can be called the most open and flexible CompactRIO controller ever.
  • NIWeek 2013 Day 1 Keynote Closing Remarks
    Eric Starkloff
    Eric Starkloff makes his closing remarks at the Day 1 keynote of NIWeek 2013.
  • Fostering Discovery
    Jeff Kodosky
    Listen to Jeff Kodosky, the “Father of LabVIEW,” as he discusses the various applications that LabVIEW helps to solve today's toughest application challenges.
  • Introduction and Opening to NIWeek 2013 Day 2 Keynote
    Mike Santori
    Listen as Mike Santori addresses the engineering grand challenges and how National Instruments Graphical Systems Design is helping to solve these challenges.
  • MedAustron Cancer Therapy
    Johannes Gutleber
    Ion beam cancer therapy center and research facility created in cooperation with CERN and based on CERN LHC technology. NI PXI instruments are used to control acceleration of ion particles and application of the ion beam onto a tumor.
  • Promethean Power Rapid Milk Chiller
    Sorin Grama
    Milk refrigeration system built on sbRIO that is designed for raw milk supply networks that operate in rural areas where grid power is unreliable.
  • Specialized Bikes Wind Tunnel
    Chris Yu, Mark Cote
    In pursuit of the most aerodynamic bikes and equipment, Specialized Bikes built the world’s first wind tunnel dedicated to bike research, design, and testing, and used NI measurement, control, and vision equipment for the instrumentation.
  • Thales Virtual Test Train
    Anthony Afonso
    The VTT travels sections of the London Underground to validate the signaling and communication from the train command centers to semi-autonomous trains.
  • Intelligent Systems and the Internet of Things
    Jim Robinson
    The Intel® Intelligent Systems Framework was developed to meet these challenge of incorporating new synchrophasor solutions into their T&D infrastructure. Learn how NI CompactRIO PMUs were used in this framework.
  • Big Analog Data™ Solution Architecture
    Tom Bradicich
    See how LabVIEW and the Graphical System Design approach fits in the Big Analog Data™ Solution Architecture.
  • Duke Energy Asset Monitoring
    Brian Hollingshaus, Bernie Cook, Kamalina Srikant
    Highlighting an end-to-end solution for plant-wide machine condition monitoring of large energy production assets
  • NIWeek 2013 Day 2 Keynote Closing Remarks
    Mike Santori
    Mike Santori makes his closing remarks at the Day 2 keynote of NIWeek 2013.
  • Inspiring and Preparing the Next Generation of Innovators
    Ray Almgren
    Learn how NI is creating a continuum of educational learning tools with products that scale from kindergarten to rocket science so that students can build on fundamental concepts and graduate to more complex systems.
    Permille France, Product Manager, LEGO Education; Nicole Richard, NI; David Bocanegro, Student
    The most recent evolution of the LEGO robotics education platform, the EV3, has revolutionized the way students learn to program by providing the same programming language, LabVIEW, throughout their education and into industry.
  • NI roboRIO
    Ray Almgren, Chris Rake, NI; Team 2468—Westlake High School (Lynnea Hernandez, Jake Cooper, Garrison Hefter)
    Creating the right tools is the first challenge but engaging students and teachers with them is the second. It’s not easy, but robotics competitions do just that. Watch an award-winning FRC team demo its robot and learn about NI roboRIO.
  • NASA and STEM
    Leland Melvin, Associate Administrator of Education, NASA
    Leland Melvin guides the audience through his career and rocketing to the moon with NASA as an astronaut. Melvin now inspires the next generation of innovators by developing and implementing NASA’s STEM education programs.
  • NI myRIO and Rice University
    Margaret Barrett, NI; Marcia O’Malley, Chad Rose, and James French, Rice University
    Introducing NI myRIO, a portable, embedded design device made specifically for students to design real, complex engineering systems faster than ever. Rice University students and faculty show how they’ve used NI myRIO.
  • NI Student Design Competition Winners and Advanced Research Applications
    Ray Almgren; Sebastian Althapp and Daniel Bugger, TU Munich
    Students from across the globe submitted systems using LabVIEW for this year’s student design contest. Learn how the winning team, TU Munich, rocketed to first place and how the MIT Cheetah and Cyberleg are revolutionizing robots.
  • Landing on the Moon With LabVIEW FPGA for the Google Lunar XPRIZE
    Dr. Red Whittaker, Carnegie Mellon University
    Leading roboticist, Red Whittaker, takes you through his journey of leading teams to create the world’s most innovative robots, including a robot that will compete for the Google Lunar XPRIZE challenge to launch to the moon.
  • NIWeek 2013 Day 3 Keynote Closing Remarks
    Ray Almgren
    Ray Almgren makes his closing remarks at the Day 3 keynote of NIWeek 2013.