NIWeek 2014 Keynote Presentations

  • Welcome to NIWeek 2014
    You and NI Will
  • Dr. Truchard
    Welcome to NIWeek 2014 from Dr. James Truchard
  • LabVIEW 2014 Launch
    LabVIEW 2014 system design software, the heart of the NI platform, features upgrades to help users acquire, analyze and visualize data sets to make informed decisions fast.
  • Innovating in Automated Test
    To meet today’s key business challenges in automated design and production test, you need the openness, flexibility, performance and wide range of measurement capability that only PXI can offer.
  • NI Semiconductor Test System Launch
    The NI Semiconductor Test System, or STS, combines NI’s massive collection of hardware and software IP, the high-bandwidth and low-latency of PXI, and code module development and test sequencing capabilities of LabVIEW and TestStand into one package.
  • NI Semiconductor Test Systems Launch and IDT
    With the STS, IDT will be able to retain and grow their capital and engineering investment instead of throwing it away and starting over as is often the case between generations of big iron ATE systems.
  • PXI standardization in the Automotive Industry with Continental
    By standardizing on one test platform globally, Continental is able to optimize their test development time, which gives them an advantage on time-to-market and decreases product test times to reach the required capacity.
  • PXI standardization in the Automotive Industry with Averna
    Averna built up their expertise in NI TestStand, LabWindows CVI and LabVIEW to optimize the use of instruments and streamline development. Averna’s expertise gives companies like Continental the flexibility to adapt to the many challenges they face.
  • Large-scale Data Acquisition Applications
    Test SLATE has been implemented in hundreds of applications around the world. The built-in functionality within the LabVIEW and Measurement Studio tools shortens their development time, thus reducing development cost while increasing reliability.
  • CompactDAQ 4-Slot Controller Launch
    We are pleased to announce the new, NI CompactDAQ 4 slot controllers. They feature a dual core Intel Atom processor, removable SD storage, and integrated signal conditioning in a small, rugged form factor that is ideal for datalogging.
  • DAQ for Benchtop and Lab Measurements
    By combining multiple sensors, signal conditioning and I/O into a single system, BRAINS Inc was able to increase the overall accuracy and synchronization of measurements, advance their understanding of concussion injuries, and design a better helmets.
  • Software-Designed Instruments Launch
    The new VSA performs the same measurements with the same performance as a box instrument, nearly 15X faster, increasing production throughput. Now you no longer have to compromise between speed and measurement performance for microwave frequencies.
  • NI InsightCM™ Enterprise Suite Launch
    To address scalability requirements, NI research and development has integrated COTS technology originally designed for web back-ends. This technology is at the center of some of the world’s largest online transaction systems; from stock markets to massive online stores.
  • NI InsightCM™ Enterprise Launch
    Duke currently has 1200 CompactRIO systems installed and have been running versions of NI InsightCM™ Enterprise at 20 power plants since December 2012. They are already seeing the benefit of implementing InsightCM™.
  • Mike Santori Closing
    Mike Santori closes the day 1 keynote.
  • Ray Almgren Welcome
    Ray Almgren kicks off the Day 2 keynote of NIWeek!
  • Factory of the Future
    The Factory of the Future is a research and technology project aimed to employ emerging technologies to make it possible to address these challenging requirements and increase quality and productivity.
  • CompactRIO Performance Controller Launch
    The new CompactRIO performance controller makes it possible to perform more advanced control and analysis with the new Intel dual core Atom processor and additional FPGA space. Even more, it can simplify customers’ systems.
  • The Internet of Things
    As we invest in the LabVIEW RIO architecture so our customers can take advantage of the IoT today, we are partnering with leading companies to assure interoperability. We are participating in standards bodies, consortiums and alliances in this area.
  • SmartGrid
    LabVIEW + CompactRIO provided the platform with the measurements National Grid needed in addition to full access to the data from anywhere in the world and the flexibility to grow with the grid.
  • 15 MW Wind Turbine Test Facility
    At the center of the system is a network of PXI systems and LabVIEW FPGA controlling the entire simulation. By using LabVIEW and FlexRIO, Clemson was able to integrate the entire eGrid simulation and test system with a relatively small team.
  • Hybrid Automotive HIL
    In getting ready for the release of Subaru’s new hybrid they realized that their previous methods of using physical test weren’t going to be sufficient to keep pace with Subaru’s level of performance and safety. They found NI's solution the best option.
  • Compact Embedded Weather Radar
    Furuno Electric, is a well-known leader in marine radar products. Working closely with NI, the engineers at Furuno Electric are applying their know-how and skills to develop new types of radars that can predict emerging rainstorms to provide warnings.
  • PXIe-5170-1R Oscilloscope Launch
    A new member to the family of software-designed instruments, the first reconfigurable oscilloscope.
  • Small Cell Test
    PXI along with the NI vector signal transceiver and LabVIEW enabled us to transform the way customers test small cells where GTT recently collaborated with Nokia to reduce test time and shorten their time-to-market for new, small cell deployments.
  • 5G
    Nokia wouldn’t have been able to achieve this type of flexibility and performance using a traditional approach. The development of the prototype took about one calendar year and they believe NI’s solution expedited their time.
  • Future of System Design
    Jeff Kodosky speaks about how better visualization leads to better designs, and graphical tools for software design deliver better designs with higher productivity.
  • Opening Monologue
    Eric Starkloff closes NIWeek with a final keynote exploring the critical role engineers play in solving the world's grand challenges.
  • System Designers of the Future
    Dave Wilson showcases how NI empowers the next generation of innovators, from in-classroom to industry to a better society.
  • In-classroom, project-based, hands-on learning
    Demonstration of NI miniSystems and NI's hands-on project-based approach to in-classroom learning.
  • University design challenge showcase and winners
    2014 Student Design Challenge winners, Team Sepios, demonstrate their biomimicing robot, the Sepios cuttlefish which uses myRIO.
  • Research applications
    MIT researchers and Engineering Impact Award winners demonstrate the future of Atomic Force Microscopes.
  • Engineering experts panel opening monologue/transitions between panelists
    Eric Starkloff hosts an experts panel for the brightest minds in engineering to share their vision of our world and the future with introductory talks and an on-stage conversation.
  • Welcome to Academic Forum 2014
    Opening monologue by Shekhar Sharad
  • Trends in Engineering Education
    Dave Wilson talked about the trends in Engineering Education and how myRIO helps students get hands on engineering experience.
  • myRIO overview and the Quanser Qube-Servo
    Demonstration of myRIO with the Quanser Qube-Servo for teaching controls.
  • Introducing LabVIEW Apps for myRIO
    The LabVIEW Tools Network introduces apps for myRIO and gives a demonstration.
  • NI ELVIS engineering lab workstation
    NI ELVIS showcases a new software experience as well as an ecosystem of add-on boards for teaching multiple courses.
  • VirtualBench for academic labs
    Five of the most common lab instruments in a single device for engineering labs.
  • Do Engineering in the classroom
    NI helps educators graduate innovation ready engineers by placing industry grade technology in students' hands.