NI ELVIS RIO Control Module

The NI ELVIS RIO Control Module connects to the NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) to give students access to the accurate timing and control of FPGA-based, reconfigurable I/O. Students can build mechatronic and power electronic systems while troubleshooting and verifying behavior using high-end instrumentation.

Teaching With the NI ELVIS RIO Control Module

Learn how the NI ELVIS RIO Control Module can transform your labs for teaching kinematics, three-phase power conversion, vision processing, and more while still emphasizing and enforcing fundamental concepts.

From Laboratory to Student Project, to Research

The jump from understanding how a motor works to understanding how to plan a path for robotic motion or from color detection to pattern recognition in a system can be huge. With the NI ELVIS RIO Control Module, you can incorporate more lab topics to make that jump manageable.

Getting Started Project

Profile and track live data from a piezo sensor. This project guides students to understand charge, read voltage, and apply appropriate filtering and scaling to analyze data. Students then use a proportional integral derivative controller and simulated transfer function to track the piezo signal.

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