Enhanced 3D Visualization Using the LabVIEW Interface for VSG Avizo

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Visualization Sciences Group (VSG) has developed an NI LabVIEW interface that allows for advanced visualization in a convenient software bridge and complements the existing capabilities within LabVIEW. 3D imaging structural health monitoring are application areas that show connectivity between the two software packages.

Figure 1. Noise removal algorithms are rendered for tendon data, so a user can analyze tissue segmentation and geometry reconstruction.


3D Imaging

In the first application, LabVIEW acquires mouse tendon data, as shown in the first slide of Figure 1. If the users know the desired filtering techniques, they can program the algorithms in LabVIEW to render a more detailed view of the mouse tendon, thereby understanding the tissue characteristics. However, an alternative – and more configuration-based – approach is to use the LabVIEW interface to pass data to VSG Avizo data analysis software and implement filtering techniques without additional programming. In the second slide of Figure 1, the data is filtered with a few noise removal algorithms and rendered with high-quality lighting and transparency in Avizo. Users can then perform further analysis to inspect the tendon for anatomy segmentation, geometry reconstruction, and tissue measurement and statistics.

Advancement in sensor and data acquisition capabilities have led to an explosion of experimental data. There are growing needs to visualize and process large amounts of measurement data, and the LabVIEW interface for Avizo is one approach to meet these challenges.


Structural Health Monitoring

In the second application, a simulated model at resonant frequency generates 3D structural data for a bridge, which is then validated and calibrated using accelerometers, strain gages, and displacement sensors. LabVIEW captures and preprocesses the experimental data using data acquisition devices and signal conditioning. Users can obtain corresponding CAD geometry and simulation with finite element analysis (FEA) software. They can apply Avizo to map the sensor data to the 3D model and implement advanced vector visualization.

Figure 2. Advanced 3D structural data is applied to a bridge model.


Download a free evaluation or obtain more information on the LabVIEW interface for Avizo.


1. Interested in Becoming a Lead User for This Technology?

VSG and National Instruments are looking for customers with advanced visualization needs to try out this new integration. Visualization application areas that may be applicable include structural health monitoring, medical imaging, tomography, oil and gas, and wind. Space in the lead user program is limited.

Request more information and find out if your application may benefit from this technology.

This article first appeared in the Q4 2009 issue of Instrumentation Newsletter.


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