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New MXI Interface Kit for Palm Pilot IIIc

Control High-End VXI Test Systems with Pocket-Size Electronic Organizer

PP-MXI imageAUSTIN, Texas -- National Instruments today announced a new MXI interface kit for controlling high-end VXI test systems from Palm OS devices. The PP-MXI kit includes all hardware and software necessary for connecting the Palm Pilot IIIc personal organizer and VXI systems, including a modified "Brilliant Spectrum" (BS) version of the VXI-MXI board that uses infrared beams to transfer data to and from the Palm Pilot. The system is targeted at active test engineers who have an excessively large number of addresses, memos, e-mail messages, or "to-do" items.

"The Palm Pilot originated as a 'handy organizer' for keeping track of meeting times and so on," said John Graff, Vice President of Marketing for National Instruments. "With the new MXI kit, we've extended its capabilities to high-end measurement and automation applications. Now, test engineers stuck in meetings can still be productive by writing test sequences on their Palm Pilots to run later. The cool part is that the people running the meeting will think that the test engineer is actually taking notes. Then, back on the factory floor, the engineer merely positions the Palm Pilot IIIc so the infrared beam connects with that of the VXI-MXI-BS board, and begins running the tests."

About the PP-MXI Kit
The PP-MXI kit includes a PP-MXI-2 board that can be surgically implanted into a Palm Pilot IIIc organizer, a VXI-MXI-BS interface board that plugs into a VXI chassis, and VXIplug&play and NI-VXI software for Palm OS. The PP-MXI achieves peak or burst throughput rates as high as 40 Mbytes/s across the VXI backplane and a top-end throughput rate of 2 Mbytes/s across the infrared link between the Palm Pilot and the VXI chassis.

This is Andrew.  He lives with his Palm Pilot IIIc.  They are very happy together."Because of the PP-MXI kit, my company paid for my new Palm Pilot," said Andrew Goewey, test manager at National Instruments and beta user of the PP-MXI. "The Palm Pilot IIIc, with its stunning color display, advanced lithium-ion rechargeable battery, and HotSync synchronization feature, is now an essential part of my life. It's with me always -- I can run tests with the PP-MXI on the production floor and my Palm Pilot IIIc will remind me that I have a date in half an hour. Then I shut down the test system and open the Spousal Acquisition Toolkit to refresh myself on the do's and don'ts of dating. Thank you for the new Palm Pilot, National Instruments!"

About National Instruments
National Instruments, a leading supplier of computer-based measurement and automation products, is run by people with a well-developed sense of humor who would not punish the Web team for a once-per-year bit of tomfoolery -- April Fools!! National Instruments manufactures and sells hundreds of software and hardware products which, when combined with industry-standard computers, are used for test, measurement, and industrial automation applications.

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Pricing, Availability, and For More Information
The PP-MXI kit is available now -- and we're giving it away for free! Really! You can download the data sheet now!

For more information, contact:
National Instruments
11500 N Mopac Expwy
Austin, Texas 78759-3504

Or call toll free in the U.S. and Canada at (800) 258-7022, fax (512) 683-8411, e-mail Readers can also access information through the company's Web site at

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