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Investor Relations

1999 Annual Review

1999 - Record Revenues and Earnings

Computer-Based Measurement and Automation Around the World
National Instruments is revolutionizing the way engineers and scientists work by empowering them with the personal computer and the Internet. Around the world, NI is changing the way measurements are made by delivering hardware and software that transform computers into powerful measurement and automation systems.

  Net Income*
Number of
Basic Earnings
Per Share*^
Net Income Chart # of Employees chart Basic Earnings Per Share Chart
Five-Year Compound Annual Growth (CAG) in Net Income

in R&D
Geographic Mix,
Percent of Revenue
Net Retrn
on Equity
(Ex. cash)
Investment in R&D Chart Geographic Mix, Percent of Revenue Chart Net Return on Equity Chart
Five-Year CAG in R&D Investment

* Excluding acquisitions and cumulative effect of accounting change
^ Adjusted for 3-for-2 stock splits effective November 1997 and August 1999

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