Teaching Applications: Where Is NI myDAQ Used?

NI myDAQ is used for a variety of application areas to improve student learning in engineering education. Below you can find resources to learn how NI myDAQ is used in each of the following application areas. Teachers in secondary education (high school) can find customized NI myDAQ information and lesson plans on K12Lab.

Signals and Systems

The professional-grade data acquisition capabilities of NI myDAQ make it possible to perform live signal processing experiments on topics ranging from sampling and time domain analysis to frequency domain concepts and manipulation, as well as the following:

  • Audio acquisition: sample rates and buffer sizes
  • Filtering and spectrum: audio equalizing
  • Amplitude shift keying: text messaging

View courseware demo for teaching the frequency domain

See additional NI myDAQ signal-processing curriculum resources

Mechanical Measurements

Students can move from paper-and-pencil problems to hardware prototyping on NI myDAQ in a measurement theory course, interfacing with real-world signals to perform tasks to measure and control by connecting to sensors and actuators. A hands-on approach gives students practical experience in topics including the following:

  • Temperature measurements
  • Strain measurement
  • Motion, force, and power measurements
  • Actuators

Analyze measurements on a system of multiple temperature sensors

Understand accelerometer principles by creating a small-scale earthquake

Take Chemical Measurements With the iWorx Chemistry and Ecology Sensor Package

View courseware demo for teaching sensor fundamentals

Circuits and Electronics

Build and experiment with circuits on NI myDAQ to reinforce fundamental concepts and theory. With NI Multisim circuit design software integration, students can build a circuit like a bandpass filter in simulation, and then evaluate the relationships between ideal components and physical components in experimentation. Educators can use this platform to teach concepts such as the following:

  • Resistive, capacitive, and inductive circuits
  • AC analysis and frequency response
  • Operational amplifier and filter circuits
  • Bipolar junction transistor (BJT) circuits

Understand active RC filters with NI myDAQ, NI ELVIS, and Multisim

Teach superposition with NI myDAQ, Multisim, and NI LabVIEW

Power Electronics Lab Series Manual

View courseware demo for teaching filtering circuits

Other Applications