New Features in NI Multisim 13.0

The latest version of Multisim enhances already powerful simulation technology with the ability to analyze analog, digital, and power electronics across education, research, and design. Added functionality includes all-new parameter analysis, integration with new embedded targets, and simplified design with user-definable templates. Multisim Standard Service Program (SSP) customers also have access to self-paced online training.

Upgrade to Multisim 13.0

Teach Analog Circuits With Circuit Parameters

Assign variables to represent circuit elements and parameters to easily modify and sweep values based on homework and laboratory calculations.

Automate Assessment With the Multisim API Toolkit

NI LabVIEW system design software can programmatically control Multisim simulation for lab analysis or assessment automation

Learn Digital Logic With Digilent FPGA Board Support

Export digital logic schematics from Multisim in raw VHDL format to target a suite of FPGA digital teaching platforms.

Understand More Power Topics with Thermal Models

Choose from a library of new power electronic components to understand energy topics including thermal conditions in electronics.

Synchronize Schematic and Layout With Design Templates

User-configurable templates can make student design projects easier with configured layout and part configuration for NI miniSystem design.

Complete Senior Design Projects With NI myRIO Support

Use preconfigured NI myRIO NI miniSystem templates and LabVIEW co-simulation to develop advanced controls, robotics, and measurement projects.

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Enhance Simulation with 26,000+ Accurate Devices

Devices from Maxim, Infineon, NXP, ON Semiconductor, and Analog Devices add to the library of the latest SPICE models to evaluate design choices.

Improve Design Performance With Circuit Parameters

Sweep critical component parameters and iterate through parametric information in advanced simulations to optimize design performance.

Configure Automated Analyses With the Multisim API Toolkit

Automate Multisim simulation with LabVIEW to correlate measurements, acquire real signals, and evaluate performance under iterative conditions.

Simulate Power Circuits with IGBT Models and EPC Devices

With the addition of new eGAN MOSFETs from market innovator EPC and a configurable thermal IGBT model, you can simulate applications with greater accuracy.

Prototype Rapidly With User-Definable Templates

Create, share, and modify user-configurable templates to set critical spacing and layout settings to aid in prototyping.

Download Custom Simulation Analyses

Take advantage of new and updated custom analyses and instruments developed in LabVIEW for a wide range of domain-specific applications.

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Use the following chart to view the added functionality to the Multisim environment. This is not a comprehensive list of Multisim 13.0 features. View a complete list of current professional features or academic features.

Schematic Capture

Capture Feature 5 6 to 8 9 10 10.1 11 12 13
Single symbol representation for standard logic components X - - X X X X X
Circuit restrictions ¹ X X X X X X X X
Black boxes ¹ X X X X X X X X
Subcircuits X X X X X X X X
Interactive components   X X X X X X X
Hierarchical blocks   X X X X X X X
Rated/3D virtual components ¹   X X X X X X X
Embedded questions     X X X X X X
Mouse-click control of interactive components       X X X X X
Switch-mode power supplies       X X X X X
Virtual NI ELVIS II schematic and 3D view ¹         X X X X
Global connectors           X X X
On-page connectors           X X X
Rearchitected forward/backward annotation with NI Ultiboard           X X X
WYSIWYG net system           X X X
Project packing and archiving           X X X
Example Finder           X X X
Snippets             X X
Thumbnails             X X
Circuit parameters               X
Thermal power components               X
Custom templates               X
Component Wizard               X

¹ Academic feature only


Simulation Feature 5 6 to 8 9 10 10.1 11 12 13
SPICE simulation X X X X X X X X
XSPICE simulation   X X X X X X X
Export to Excel and NI LabVIEW   X X X X X X X
Component Creation Wizard   X X X X X X X
Import/Export to .LVM and .TDM     X X X X X X
Custom LabVIEW instruments     X X X X X X
SPICE convergence assistant       X X X X X
BSIM 4 MOSFET model support       X X X X X
Temperature simulation parameters       X X X X X
Add simulation probe to analysis       X X X X X
Measurements probes       X X X X X
Microcontroller (MCU) simulation       X X X X X
MCU C-Code support       X X X X X
Automation API       X X X X X
Input/Output LabVIEW instruments         X X X X
BSIM 4.6.3           X X X
Support for BSIMSOI; EKV; VBIC           X X X
Advanced diode parameter models           X X X
SPICE Netlist viewer           X X X
Grapher annotations           X X X
Grapher smart legend           X X X
NI hardware connectors           X X X
LabVIEW/Multisim co-simulation             X X
Grapher—Digital Display             X X
Improved parameter sweep with circuit parameters               X
LabVIEW Multisim API Tool Kit               X
Export of real-time simulation models to FPGA hardware               X
Simulation driven instruments 7 18 20 22 22 22 22 22
Integrated NI ELVIS instruments - - - - 6 6 6 6
LabVIEW instruments - - 4 4 4 6 6 6
Number of analyses 14 19 19 19 19 20 20 20


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