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Measurement Studio delivers measurement-specific user interface (UI) components that you can drag, drop, and extend to create a custom interface for your engineering applications. Display large amounts of waveform data and create intuitive UI experiences using Measurement Studio graphs, charts, knobs, slides, gauges, tanks, dials, and buttons.

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UI Controls Designed for Engineering

Waveform and Scatter Graphs

Design-Time Productivity Tools

Network Connectivity and Data-Binding

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UI Controls for Engineering Data

Unlike most Visual Studio tools, Measurement Studio is designed with features specifically for test, measurement, and automation applications. Whether you are creating a simple data-logging program for the lab or a complex production test system, Measurement Studio provides all the tools you need to create informative and intuitive user experiences for internal or commercial use. 


Measurement Studio offers the following UI controls for Windows Client and ASP .NET web applications to visualize and interact with data:


Windows Forms Controls ASP.NET Controls WPF Controls
Waveform Graph Waveform Graph Waveform Graph
Scatter Graph Scatter Graph Scatter Graph
Digital Graph Digital Graph Digital Graph
Intensity Graph Complex Graph Mixed Graph
Complex Graph Legend Intensity Graph
Legend Switch Polar Graph
Switch and LED LED Legend
Meter Meter Switch
Knob Knob LED
Tank Tank Meter
Thermometer Thermometer Knob
Gauge Gauge Tank
Numeric Edit Numeric Edit Thermometer
Slide Slide Gauge
Property Editor   Slide
LED Array   Numeric Text Box
Switch Array   Timestamp Text Box
Numeric Array   Arrow Button
    Power Button
    Boolean Content Button

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Waveform and Scatter Graphs

With Measurement Studio, you gain insight into your data with .NET 2D waveform and scatter graph controls for displaying 2D data and the .NET intensity graph for displaying 3D data. The scatter graph control displays a graph of X and Y data pairs. The waveform graph control displays data that is uniformly spaced in one dimension. Using annotations, you can easily highlight points or ranges of interest. Both graph controls include many properties that you can use to configure the appearance and behavior of the graph. For example, you can easily configure properties such as the caption text, caption background color, and color of the graph frame. 


Key graph features include the following:

  • Multiple x and y axes that are fully customizable
  • Linear and log scale
  • Multiple plots
  • Multiple cursors, which display a crosshair on a graph to mark a specific point or region on the graph
  • Plotting and charting
  • Annotations, which use range or point annotations to dynamically select regions of interest
  • Zooming and panning features so you can see different views of your data
  • The ability to zoom in and out of your data either programmatically or interactively; zoom around a point or on a selected rectangle
  • The ability to pan left and right to change the view of the graph that you see
  • Grid lines


Design-Time Productivity Tools

Whether you are using Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Forms, or Web Forms controls, Measurement Studio features smart tags to easily configure control properties. The UI controls include auto format menus, editors, and property page enhancements. With auto format menus, you can quickly choose from predefined property formats. Editors are included for components like plots, annotations, and axes, so you can interactively add and edit your UI controls. Property page enhancements include arc editors and graphical representations of UI styles.



Network Connectivity and Data-Binding

Whether you are passing data between applications or over the Internet, Measurement Studio makes sharing measurement data easy. With network variables—a programming tool designed specifically for publishing and subscribing to live data in measurement and automation applications—you can share live data with one or more client applications on a network without worrying about data formats or network protocols.


Key networking features include the following:

  • Read and write data between different data sources and targets
  • Specify data sources and targets through a URL scheme
  • Use browsing features to quickly locate data items on other computers
  • Bind to Windows Forms and Web Forms controls


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