NI Motion Application Areas

Automated Test

LabVIEW Simplifies Automation of Igniter Testing and Sorting

"Using LabVIEW, we were able to develop the motion control, digital logic, timing and sequencing, as well as HMI using a single programming methodology."

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Machines and Manufacturing

Developing a Mobile X-ray Imaging System for Diagnosis Using LabVIEW Software and NI Hardware

"NI technology gave us a chance to commercialize this system in a smaller time frame."

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Developing a Robotic Manipulator for Cancer Therapy Using Graphical System Design

“Using LabVIEW, we get a smoother move resulting in less abrupt transitions, which both saves time and improves performance."

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CERN Uses NI Tools to Control World’s Largest Particle Accelerator

“We selected the LabVIEW and PXI solution for the deployment platform due to the small size, ruggedness, and cost savings over the traditional VME and programmable logic controller-based model.”

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