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Modular Instruments for PXI Express

PXI Express expands the PXI platform using PCI Express to provide data streaming up to 1 GB/s (using a x4 PCI Express link). You can also combine the new high-performance PXI Express modules with more than 1,200 existing PXI modules.

Featured Products

NEW! 100 MS/s RF vector signal generator

The NI PXIe-5672 is a 2.7 GHz RF vector signal generator with digital upconversion and 16-bit resolution is capable of streaming up to 20 MHz real-time bandwidth.

100 MS/s Digitizer

The National Instruments PXIe-5122 features 100 MS/s sampling rates with a 100 MHz bandwidth on two simultaneous channels with 14 bits of resolution. The module can stream signals to disk or memory up to 400 MB/s.

50 MHz and 25 MHz Digital I/O Devices

The NI 6536/37 series features selectable voltage levels of 2.5 and 3.3 V (5 V compatible) and clock rates up to 50 MHz across 32 channels with per-channel directional control. The devices can stream signals to and from disk or memory up to 200 MB/s.

100 MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generator

The National Instruments PXIe-5442 can generate signals at 16 bits and 100 MS/s. It features DAC interpolation for an effective 400 MS/s sampling rate, and Onboard Signal Processing (OSP) for quadrature digital upconversion, interpolation, and filtering.

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