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Design Advantages of NI Modular Instruments

NI modular instruments are the building blocks of economical and versatile automated test systems. With modular instruments, you can choose from a wide variety of measurement, signal generation, RF, power, and switch modules and then configure the instruments in software to meet your specific measurement tasks. Because these instruments are modular and software-defined, they are quickly interchanged and easily repurposed to meet evolving test needs. Additionally, NI modular instruments provide high-speed test execution by harnessing the power of industry-standard PC and advanced timing and synchronization technologies. Options are available for a variety of platforms including PXI, PXI Express, PCI, PCI Express, and USB.

Key Features

Design Validation

NI performs an exhaustive series of rigorous tests to ensure NI modular instruments meet the toughest specifications and your application demands.

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Production Unit Verification

After a design has moved to full production, NI ensures each production unit is evaluated to meet its specification. Each modular instrument produced endures hours of rigorous testing to ensure that it reliably operates.

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Proprietary NI Technologies for Modular Instruments and Data Acquisition

NI implements several proprietary and patented technologies into its modular instruments products to ensure a greater likelihood of customer success. Explore a few of these technologies, how they work, and how you can take advantage of them.

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Flexible Software Architecture

PXI-based modular instruments from National Instruments are compatible with Windows OSs and real-time OSs if you require deterministic operation.

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Global Support and Services

In offices around the globe, NI has local applications engineers and field engineers who are available to consult based on your needs and trained to provide superior technical assistance via phone, email, or web.

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