Mechatronics-oriented design tools improve machine development by simulating the interaction between mechanical and electrical subsystems throughout the design process. Historically, teams of engineers from different disciplines worked in silos and in sequential development. Design decisions were made independently, resulting in longer development times and higher costs. Now, to streamline development in a mechatronics approach, the teams work in parallel and collaborate on design, prototyping, and deployment. The ability to create virtual prototypes is a critical aspect of the mechatronics approach because it helps engineers and scientists explore machines before they are built.

Measurements and Sensor Connectivity

  • World-class measurements
  • Broad selection of industrial measurement devices for any bus
  • Support for a wide variety of sensors and transducers

Embedded Control

  • Single platform from design to deployment
  • High-performance real-time controllers and FPGAs
  • High-level programming environment abstracts nonessential embedded technologies

Machine Design

  • Increasing machine productivity
  • Deploying and maintaining the machine
  • Understanding customer requirements and conceptualizing design ideas


  • Complete software for robotics system design
  • High-performance embedded controllers
  • Applications from autonomous vehicles to robot arms

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Control Design Guide for Smart Machines

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Mechatronics Resource Kit

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Integrate NI PACs with Any PLC

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