Oil and Gas Condition Monitoring

Monitoring and Analyzing Oil Well Fracture Pumps

Robert Stewart, CEO
Lime Instruments, LLC

"LabVIEW has made the software development side much quicker than our past experiences in C-based programming. What most C programmers take two years to do, we can accomplish in a couple of months. We can use that time savings to get to market quicker and capitalize on our competitors’ lag time."

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NI is empowering engineers to develop industrial embedded systems for the monitoring and control of oil and gas assets. Because of the high investment cost of oil and gas systems, a condition monitoring system is especially important. Condition-based maintenance systems help decrease unscheduled outages and optimize machine performance while reducing maintenance and repair costs. NI hardware and software solutions are deployed around the globe in oil and gas upstream, midstream, and downstream applications.

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Learn how you can use NI hardware and software to implement a condition monitoring system. With NI tools, you can build a simple, portable data logger; an advanced industrial online monitoring system; or a high-powered factory test cell. Explore ways NI platforms can help you acquire, store, and analyze data from oil and gas systems.

Embedded Condition Monitoring Based on CompactRIO

NI CompactRIO hardware features an embedded FPGA and real-time controller for advanced embedded analysis and control, making it ideal for distributed condition monitoring systems.

  • Real-time OS for improved system reliability
  • Embedded analysis for faster decision making, logging, and control
  • Flexible sensor input for a variety of physical signals

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Portable Condition Monitoring Based on USB

NI-DAQmx measurement services software offers easy-to-use USB-based vibration monitoring and portable low-cost machine condition monitoring solutions when combined with a netbook or tablet PC.

  • Expandable from four to 32 input channels
  • Flexible input selection for a variety of sensors
  • Ability to maximize signal-to-noise ratio with 24 bits of resolution and 102 dB of dynamic range

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Distributed Monitoring Architectural Reference Guide

  • Learn how to use off-the-shelf technologies to overcome the challenges of embedded applications required to operate autonomously. Analyze machine health, predict failure, and reduce equipment downtime.

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Machine Condition Monitoring Webcast Series

View a series of short webcasts about industry trends, the future of condition monitoring, and how engineers are implementing these systems.

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