Machine Design

High-Speed Control of Hydraulic Die-Casting Machine Using NI CompactRIO and LabVIEW FPGA

Paolo Catterina
EUROelectronics, srl

"With this project, we were able to go from the prototyping phase to the final setup of the machine in only three weeks. "

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Intense global competition is putting pressure on machine builders to deliver machines with higher throughput, reduced operating cost, and more features that improve productivity, increase efficiency, and differentiate their machines from the competition. For this reason, today’s machine builders have switched from designing single-purpose machines to creating flexible and highly effective multipurpose machines by adopting modern control systems and sophisticated algorithms and integrating high-end electronics into their mechanical machines. Best-in-class machine builders are using National Instruments hardware and software tools to stay ahead of the competition.

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With the increasing demand for higher-productivity machines, shorter design times, and lower machine costs, machine designers need to reconsider their design approaches. To stay ahead of the competition, leading machine design teams today are incorporating sophisticated features such as synchronized motion, vision, I/O, real-time signal processing and analysis, remote monitoring and support, data logging, and more. Modern programmable automation controllers, or PACs, are being adopted for machine control because they incorporate the discrete control capabilities of traditional programmable logic controllers (PLCs) but add those advanced features within a single embedded system.

Rugged and High-Performance Hardware - NI CompactRIO

The CompactRIO programmable automation controller (PAC) is a low-cost reconfigurable control and acquisition system designed for applications that require high performance and reliability. The system combines an open embedded architecture with small size, extreme ruggedness, and hot-swappable industrial I/O modules. CompactRIO is powered by reconfigurable I/O (RIO) FPGA technology.

  • Customize your system by choosing only the components you need
  • Print an itemized list or visit the online store to purchase your system
  • Third-party modules are available from NI Alliance Partners for special needs

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Graphical System Design with NI LabVIEW

LabVIEW software is designed for engineers and scientists who need to create flexible and scalable test, measurement, and control applications rapidly and at minimal cost. The intuitive graphical development environment combines the ease of use of configuration-based tools with the flexibility of a powerful programming language.

  • Graphical programming
  • Built-in measurement and analysis functions
  • High-level development tools

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