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Macintosh Products

PCI Image Acquisition and Processing

The PCI-1408 is a PCI-based 8-bit image acquisition board for monochrome or StillColor images. Its specifications are outlined the following table.

Specifications for the PCI-1408
  Description Monochrome and StillColor image acquisition
  Bus PCI
  Video Inputs 4
  Spatial Resolution 1 Mpixels max; 2048 horizontal pixels max; 1024 vertical pixels max
  Resolution 8-bit
  Standard Video Input RS-170, CCIR, NTSC, PAL, RGB
  Nonstandard Analog Video Input Yes
  Memory 4KB
  Pixel Clock Rate 5-20 MHz
  Programmable Functions Gain, reference, offset, ROI, antichrominance filter
  Digital I/O 4
  Look-Up Table (LUT) 1 x 8-bit
  RTSI Yes
  StillColor Yes

Macintosh IMAQ Board NI-IMAQ driver software is shipped with the PCI-1408 board free of charge. It is a full-function driver for controlling image acquisition with the 1408 board. NI IMAQ also contains the software to implement StillColor, our technique for capturing high-quality color images from color video signals, using this monochrome board. StillColor is very cost-effective when you require color images of still or slowly moving objects.

IMAQ Vision software adds high-level machine vision and image processing to LabVIEW. IMAQ Vision includes optimized functions for gray scale, color, and binary image display, image processing (statistics, filtering, and geometric transforms), shape matching, blob analysis, gauging, and measurement. IMAQ Vision is used to accelerate the development of industrial machine vision and scientific imaging applications, in both factory and laboratory automation environments requiring extremely reliable, high-speed systems.

IMAQ Vision is designed for ease of use and specifically built to meet the requirements of imaging application developers under pressure to reduce cost and time to market. Transparent memory management, logically named VIs, functions, and parameters make IMAQ Vision easy to learn. The high-level functions are built to intuitively work together so you can develop faster and use only a few functions.

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