NI Measurement Hardware for macOS

Data Acquisition and macOS

National Instruments provides NI-DAQmx Base driver software with support for more than 80 plug-in data acquisition products on macOS. NI-DAQmx Base offers an easy-to-use application programming interface (API) for connecting with high-performance NI data acquisition hardware.

NI-DAQmx Base delivers a clean, concise programming interface; programmatic channel and task creation; external triggering configuration; multiplatform support; and other features previously available only with NI-DAQmx for Windows. The driver software also includes ready-to-use NI LabVIEW VIs and C example programs to help new users get started.

Supported hardware devices include:

  • PCI/PXI/PCI Express M Series, Analog Output, Digital I/O, and Counter/Timer Learn | Buy
  • USB M Series, Multifunction, and Digital I/O Learn | Buy

Click here for a complete breakdown of devices supported by NI-DAQmx Base for macOS.

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PXI and macOS

Developed in 1997 and launched in 1998, PXI is an open industry standard to meet the increasing demands of complex instrumentation systems. Today, National Instruments and more than 65 other companies promote the PXI standard, ensure interoperability, and maintain the PXI specification.

What Is PXI?

PXI (PCI eXtensions for Instrumentation) is a rugged PC-based platform for measurement and automation systems. PXI combines PCI electrical-bus features with the rugged, modular, Eurocard, mechanical packaging of CompactPCI and then adds specialized synchronization buses. This makes it both a high-performance and low-cost deployment platform for measurement and automation systems. These systems serve applications such as manufacturing test, military and aerospace, machine monitoring, automotive, and industrial test.

macOS Support for PXI

You can remotely control a PXI chassis from a Mac Pro or MacBook Pro using MXI. MXI enables a Mac computer to have a PXI chassis function as an extension to its existing PCI Express bus. Using this configuration, you can use a Mac computer to control a large-channel-count, highly complex measurement system. To learn more about MXI-4, visit the MXI product pages.

Instrument Control and macOS

National Instruments offers driver software for developing applications that communicate via serial and GPIB (488.2) protocols.


The Virtual Instrument Software Architecture (VISA) is a standard for configuring, programming, and troubleshooting instrumentation systems comprising GPIB, PXI, serial, and Ethernet interfaces. VISA provides the programming interface between the hardware and development environments such as LabVIEW. NI-VISA is the National Instruments implementation of the VISA I/O standard.


National Instruments is pleased to announce a beta version of the NI-488.2 driver software for developing applications to control NI GPIB controllers on macOS. To request a copy of this beta software, visit