Use NI LabWindows™/CVI With NI TestStand Test Management Software

NI TestStand introduces the latest test management software technology for developing automated test systems more quickly and effectively. NI TestStand has features specially designed to develop LabWindows/CVI test systems fast, including a LabWindows/CVI flexible module adapter and NI TestStand user interface controls for LabWindows/CVI.

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LabWindows/CVI Adapter in NI TestStand
Build a LabWindows/CVI Test Operator Interface
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Figure 1. LabWindows/CVI can be used with NI TestStand to develop and sequence test sets


 LabWindows/CVI Adapter in NI TestStand

The LabWindows/CVI flexible module adapter ensures maximum return on your software development investment by increasing code reusability. You can call any function within a LabWindows/CVI .dll file regardless of the function prototype. The LabWindows/CVI flexible module adapter has also been updated to improve parameter visualization when you configure a module in NI TestStand. These improvements substantially reduce development times and eliminate unnecessary programming.

Figure 2. With the LabWindows/CVI flexible module adapter, you can call functions within any LabWindows/CVI file from NI TestStand, regardless of the function prototype.


 Build a LabWindows/CVI Test Operator Interface

Customize the LabWindows/CVI example operator interfaces that are shipped with NI TestStand or build your own using LabWindows/CVI user interface graphs and controls to improve test software usability and present meaningful data. Process and interpret incoming test data with LabWindows/CVI analysis libraries and use data management and network variable libraries to store and share your data.

Figure 3. The Operator Interface is a LabWindows/CVI built application that calls into the NI TestStand test sequencing engine and presents test status data to the test engineer.


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