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What's New

NI LabWindows™/CVI 2013: Take Concept to Hardware Faster Than Ever Before  

After a multiyear development effort, NI is proud to announce the release of LabWindows/CVI 2013. The release features a new industry-standard, optimizing compiler and OpenMP parallel programming API to help you improve application performance without significantly rewriting your code. It also focuses on inserting community-sourced feature requests as well as editor productivity improvements in source code browsing, code formatting, and a high-performance build system.

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Innovate With a Global Community
With thousands of LabWindows/CVI users across the globe, we always look for ways to connect developers to foster communication, share ideas, and grow our thriving community. For those who missed NIWeek last month, we invite you to participate in a local technical symposium held worldwide or use the online community to connect without leaving your computer. You can find 11 new features in LabWindows/CVI 2013 sourced directly from the LabWindows/CVI community.

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Product Updates and Case Study

New LabWindows/CVI 2013 Real-Time Module
Use the LabWindows/CVI Real-Time Module to port existing code to a dedicated real-time OS running on a PC or PXI controller and take advantage of the precise timing and reliability only available on a real-time OS. In addition to debugging and deployment, the latest version of the LabWindows/CVI Real-Time Module adds support for new hardware such as stand-alone NI CompactDAQ, NI PXI-8119, NI PXIe-8820, and the Network Streams and Advanced Technical Data Management Streaming (TDMS) libraries. 

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What is a real-time OS?

Drastically Reduce the Cost of Migrating Legacy Test Systems
Eventually all test equipment becomes obsolete, and the migration to a replacement system imposes difficult challenges and mounting costs. The average cost to migrate a Test Program Set for the US Department of Defense is currently $250,000 USD. However, Charles Kohfeldt at Global Engineering Management and Support was able to implement a large-scale, test system migration for less than half that cost using LabWindows/CVI and NI PXI.

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LabWindows/CVI Tips and Tricks

Tools to Automate Source Code Formatting
Create cleaner and consistently spaced code using the new customizable batch formatting and auto-indentation tools or automate multiproject formatting using the automation API.

See instructions in the LabWindows/CVI Community

Set Custom Compiler Warning Levels
Customize the build output window to show or hide warnings based on a customized list of warning level types to debug and find errors more effectively.

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The mark LabWindows is used under a license from Microsoft Corporation. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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