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Q2 2016
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Smarter Devices Require Smarter Test Systems
Smarter Devices Require Smarter Test Systems
To test smart devices, organizations are transitioning away from rack-and-stack box instruments to a platform-based approach.
Build a smarter test system

New 1,000 V DMM That Digitizes at 1.8 MS/s
New 1,000 V DMM That Digitizes at 1.8 MS/s
The PXIe-4081 is the industryÕs most accurate 7?-digit digital multimeter (DMM) that provides tight synchronization capabilities and fast measurement speed all in the PXI form factor.
Check out the DMM

Product Update
CVI 2015 Upgrades to Clang Compiler Version 3.3
CVI 2015 Upgrades to Clang Compiler Version 3.3
The Clang Compiler upgrade from version 2.9 to 3.3 provides CVI developers with several new features such as new warning flags and messages, improved source code browsing, improved stability, and many others.
Learn more about the latest Clang Compiler
LabWindows/CVI Tips and Tricks
LabWindows/CVI Tip of the Day
LabWindows/CVI Tip of the Day
In versions of LabWindows/CVI prior to 8.1, daily programming tips were provided to enhance developer efficiency. These tips have been compiled and placed on the LabWindows/CVI User Group Community page.
Read the LabWindows/CVI tips of the day

Continuous Integration With CVI
Continuous Integration With CVI
Using CVIÕs command line interface, developers can take advantage of a continuous integration service to automate regular building and testing of their code.
Learn more about continuous integration with LabWindows/CVI
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