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Low Cost. High Performance. PC-Based Measurements from $99.

Whether for research, design verification and validation, or lab automation, National Instruments low-cost PC-based measurement and control solutions make you more productive at a price that meets your budget. Use your PC to measure from hundreds of sensor types with National Instruments DAQ devices, connect to thousands of different instruments with NI instrument control devices, and combine results into a single interface for analysis and data presentation with easy-to-use NI software solutions.

Mixed Analog and Digital I/O
  • Perform multiple functions with a single device that combines analog I/O, digital I/O, and counter/timer circuitry
  • Up to 16 analog inputs, 2 analog outputs, 24 digital I/O lines, and 4 counter/timers
  • Starting at $169 USD
Analog I/O
  • Generate and measure voltages or use a device with integrated signal conditioning for directly measuring sensors
  • Sampling rates up to 500 kS/s
  • Starting at $99 USD
Digital I/O
  • Measure and generate digital signals to control pumps, valves, motors, and other actuators
  • 5 V TTL/CMOS, 24 V logic, solid-state relays
  • Starting at $99 USD
Instrument Control
  • Connect instruments to your PC for data analysis, display, and storage
  • GPIB, RS485, RS232, I2C/SPI Interfaces
  • Starting at $149 USD


Significantly reduce your development time with the right software tools. Free NI LabVIEW SignalExpress LE data-logging software is included with all low-cost National Instruments DAQ devices. For additional customization, you can program devices with industry-standard languages such as LabVIEW, ANSI C/C++, and .NET.

  • LabVIEW SignalExpress is interactive data-logging software with no programming required.
  • LabVIEW is a graphical programming environment for automating measurements and analyzing data in parallel with acquisition.
  • NI Measurement Studio is an integrated measurement solution of tools created specifically for .NET programmers.
  • NI LabWindows™/CVI is an ANSI C development environment designed for measurements and instrument control.

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