Record and Share Measurement Data

The continued increase in processing and storage capacity and the decrease of hardware and software costs has resulted in an explosion of collected data being acquired. But while technology is leading to faster and richer data retention, storing, managing, and sharing data remains the real challenge.

Data Management Designed for Engineers and Scientists

There are many sources of data, but signals derived from the physical world are among the most interesting to engineers and scientists. They are collected from measurements of vibration, RF signals, temperature, pressure, sound, image, light, magnetism, voltage, and so on. Managing data from these varied sources poses challenges to data analysis, search, integration, reporting, and system maintenance that must be met. After all, for many applications data is the investment—it represents the results of experiments and tests, and is a key driver for many design decisions.

NI LabVIEW software is designed for the entire engineering process and includes built-in functionality to help you easily save data to disk and create professional reports. LabVIEW storage, management, and reporting tools abstract the details and challenges of file I/O and reporting so you can focus on acquiring data. By providing easy yet robust interfaces for file I/O and reporting, you can make the most of your acquired data to make informed decisions, faster.

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