The NI LabVIEW Community: Engineers Helping Each Other Succeed

NI LabVIEW is a powerful engineering tool that thousands of engineers in hundreds of application areas have adopted, so you are never alone when working on your applications. LabVIEW users around the world help each other get through roadblocks quickly so everyone can develop faster. You can become a part of the community by finding answers to questions, networking with fellow engineers, providing feedback, and even trying out new products.

Find Answers and Reply to Questions Using Online Developer Resources

The online LabVIEW community has more than 140,000 registered members from 83 countries speaking nine languages. Online resources help you resolve your issues immediately so you can keep coding.

NI Discussion Forums – Find support by posting a question or searching different threads. Fellow LabVIEW users answer nearly 50 percent of all posted questions, and NI applications engineers answer the rest.

NI Code Exchange – Access more than 8,000 LabVIEW examples submitted by fellow developers and NI engineers.

LabVIEW Partner Network – If your application requires advanced expertise, there are more than 600 third-party companies focused on NI product integration, LabVIEW software add-ons, and turnkey software and hardware solutions.

Network with Colleagues to Learn Best Practices

There are several opportunities to connect with fellow engineers and scientists – either with people in your area or in online groups that collaborate on various shared interests.

Local LabVIEW User Groups – Network with other LabVIEW developers in your area to find face-to-face application advice and support. Search more than 90 groups for one near you.

Online Groups – Join one of more than 250 LabVIEW user groups based on where you live or your field of work.

Provide Feedback and Try Out New Products

Help influence the future of LabVIEW by sharing your ideas with the community, giving product feedback, and trying out unreleased developments.

LabVIEW Idea Exchange – Submit your product feature ideas and vote on which ones you want to see implemented in future versions.

NI Beta Program – Test new versions of LabVIEW and let NI know what you think.

NI Labs – Download and work with cutting-edge, unreleased developments that NI R&D would like your feedback on.

As a LabVIEW user, you are never alone, thanks to a world of engineers and scientists ready to help you succeed.