Hector Guajardo Betancourt

"LabVIEW makes me better because I can deliver projects on time, on spec, and on budget."

Hector Guajardo Betancourt
Automated Test and Control Engineer

Hector and his team were tasked with developing a reliable, high-precision test system while reducing the test time from 15 minutes to just 70 seconds. Their solution, based on LabVIEW, is capable of capturing 210 images per revolution by synchronizing seven cameras with motion, data acquisition, and data management systems. This is just one of many successful projects that Hector and his team have been able to deliver to satisfied customers.

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How to Synchronize Data Acquisition Devices

To perform the required tests in the prescribed amount of time, synchronization was an important part of this application. Precise synchronization was critical to help the team achieve such a significant improvement over the original test time.

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Technical Resources

Triggering and synchronization are an important component of many vision-based test and validation applications. You can choose from several methodologies to incorporate these elements into your system.

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Developing an Inspection and Measurement System for Washing Machine Drums

One of the primary criteria for this vision-based drum inspection system was for the six measurements to be performed on five different models and at a much faster rate than previously possible.

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Next Steps

You can use LabVIEW to develop simple to sophisticated measurement, test, and control systems with graphical icons and wires that resemble a flowchart. Through this intuitive development approach, you can get to your results faster and complete higher-quality projects in less time.