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SignalExpress is available as a stand-alone software package or as part of the LabVIEW Full and Professional Development Systems.

  SignalExpress LE SignalExpress Full
Data Acquisition and Logging    
NI-DAQmx driver support
Automate hundreds of instruments with IVI steps
Ready-to-use example projects
Hardware channel configuration
Simultaneously acquire from multiple devices
Log data interactively with one click
Drag and drop data into spreadsheet programs
Read from/write to ASCII files with File I/O steps
Log with start and stop conditions
Log to multiple files in one project
Mathematical analysis and signal processing
Time and frequency domain analysis
Execution Control and Events    
Software triggering
Parameter sweeping
Alarming and event configuration
Visualization and Reporting    
View previously acquired data
Generate HTML project reports
Integration with LabVIEW    
LabVIEW code generation
Run LabVIEW code in a SignalExpress project

Using the SignalExpress Evaluation

The complete SignalExpress Full version can be used in a one-time, 30-day evaluation. To continue using the Full licensed features, users must purchase a license of SignalExpress or LabVIEW.

Using SignalExpress LE

After the 30-day evaluation expires, users can gain unlimited use of SignalExpress Limited Edition (LE) version by activating the LE version free of charge. If a user attempts to access an unlicensed feature according to the version they're using, the product will time out after 10 minutes and be made to close. Purchasing the appropriate license based on the feature used will remove this limitation.

For additional information, please refer to the following knowledgebase.

Need Additional Capabilities?

LabVIEW Full, LabVIEW Pro, and Developers Suite include SignalExpress

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