NI LabVIEW RIO Architecture

The LabVIEW reconfigurable I/O (RIO) architecture combines LabVIEW system design software with reconfigurable off-the-shelf hardware. This architecture is based on four components: a processor, a reconfigurable FPGA, measurement I/O hardware, and LabVIEW. Using an integrated hardware and software platform built on the LabVIEW RIO architecture, you can simplify system development across a variety of industries and applications.

Evaluate the LabVIEW RIO architecture

An Integrated Approach to System Design

In an increasing complex world, an integrated hardware and software platform is critical to equip you with the tools to accelerate productivity, innovation, and discovery. LabVIEW, a graphical programming platform, offers unprecedented integration with existing software, IP, and hardware to capitalize on the latest computing technologies. Combined with a broad range of FPGA-based hardware targets, ranging from board-level OEM platforms to high-performance controllers, rest assured NI has the system to meet your specific application needs.

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What the LabVIEW RIO Architecture Can Do

Automated Test

Build test systems based on flexible hardware and scalable software to meet today’s test challenges while reducing the total cost of test.

Embedded Control and Monitoring

Develop next-generation control and monitoring systems within industries such as energy, industrial control, life sciences, and transportation.

RF and Wireless Test

Address the most challenging RF applications with cutting-edge hardware and maximum programming flexibility.

Student Design

Prepare students to solve tomorrow’s challenges by giving them the ability to design real, complex engineering systems more quickly and affordably than ever before.