LabVIEW Communications for USRP (SDR)


Researchers responsible for new designs in the expanding field of communications use software defined radios (SDRs) including USRPs (Universal Software Radio Peripheral) to rapidly prototype algorithms and ideas in hardware. Unlike alternatives that require multiple tools for algorithm design and hardware prototyping, LabVIEW Communications offers a design environment integrated with the USRP for rapidly prototyping communications systems. This combination provides an affordable solution for those getting started with communications system design.

Flexible Design Language Support and Integration

Design like you think and reuse existing algorithms for faster innovation. Choose the best design language, including C, .m, and graphical dataflow, for each component of your design to prototype your ideas quickly.

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Learn With In-Product Guided Help

Guided Help is a rich, interactive experience that works with you as you learn how to navigate a new software environment. With Guided Help by your side, you can reduce the time it takes to develop your first project by mastering LabVIEW Communications faster and with fewer resources. Guided Help is integrated directly into the development environment, so you can start learning as soon as you open your first project.

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Integrated, Fully-Customizable UI Design

Quickly create fully-customizable UIs as an integrated part of the tool chain. Use a simple drag-and-drop interface to create UIs that better expose the design parameters for sharing your designs and results.

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Learn, Collaborate, and Inspire in the Online Design Community

Engage with an active online community for LabVIEW Communications that provides the type of collaboration you want. Browse for designs similar to your own, upload useful algorithms and examples you have developed, and engage in conversations with others trying to solve similar problems.

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