LabVIEW Communications for USRP RIO (SDR With FPGA)


As the communications industry races to deliver solutions that can keep pace with the demands for improved connectivity, there is a growing demand for building prototypes that can assess the viability of new ideas. Despite the flexibility offered by software defined radios (SDR), which are ideally suited for such rapid prototyping, current software tools impose a disjointed and difficult path from concept to real-world signal. LabVIEW Communications integrates with NI SDR hardware for rapidly prototyping communications systems. Paired with USRP RIO, LabVIEW Communications and the available LTE and 802.11 application frameworks can help you jump-start research that demands the performance of FPGA technology.

Single Design Environment

With escalating demand for rapid prototyping of wireless systems, the lack of hardware-software integration is a critical obstacle. LabVIEW Communications provides a single development environment that can target both multi-core processors and FPGAs, and scales across multiple devices. Go beyond software simulations and prototype your solutions with a single design tool.

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802.11 and LTE Application Frameworks

Save time and effort, and focus on innovation with the LTE and 802.11 application frameworks with LabVIEW Communications. They’re ready to run, easily modifiable, real-time physical layer reference designs.

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Advanced Compiler

One of the biggest obstacle in today’s design process is the money and time spent converting high-level algorithms to low-level languages in order to deploy to SDR hardware. LabVIEW Communications solves this challenge with an advanced FPGA compiler that enables you to define the algorithm in a familiar representation that compiles directly to FPGA, eliminating the constant re-writing that hampers rapid prototyping.

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Flexible Design Language Support and Integration

Design like you think and reuse existing code for faster innovation. Choose the best design language, including C, .m, and graphical dataflow, for each component of your design to prototype your ideas quickly.

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Float to Fixed Conversion

LabVIEW Communications eliminates much of the headache involved in floating-point to fixed-point type conversion, and provides a much faster path to a fixed-point algorithm ready for deployment to an FPGA. Specify conversion criteria and leverage data-driven feedback to select appropriate fixed-point data types and understand the accuracy of the conversion. Get from algorithm to prototype much faster by iteratively exploring the trade-off between accuracy and resource utilization.

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LabVIEW Communications SystemDesigner

LabVIEW Communications simplifies system design with a graphical hardware representation previously unavailable in the market. From setup to deployment, SystemDesigner exposes hardware configuration and constraints to drastically simplify system definition, deployment management and performance optimization all from one integrated environment.

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