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Bypassing the need for multiple processing and I/O components, LabVIEW Communications simplifies system design with a single development environment that features a unified design flow, which helps collaborative design teams go from algorithm development to system implementation faster and more efficiently.


Hardware Integration

Use the FPGA technology on the USRP RIO platform to create even the most complex systems with a single development environment.

Seamless Software Design Flow

To prototype new designs, communications designers have standardized on software defined radio (SDR) platforms, as these hardware devices offer tremendous flexibility.

Linux Real-Time Capability

Develop time-critical algorithms and facilitate access to the vast repositories of open-source tools and technologies needed to build complete system prototypes through enabling MAC and upper layer research.

Modifiable Applications IP

The application frameworks are software reference designs that provide a rich set of high-performance FPGA IP for prototyping real-time wireless communication systems. When combined with NI’s line of SDRs, the application frameworks form a complete hardware and software prototyping platform.

Product Features

LabVIEW Communications for USRP

LabVIEW Communications for USRP software plus the SDR platform are ideal for prototyping wireless communications systems with a single integrated design environment.

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LabVIEW Communications for USRP RIO

FPGA technology on USRP RIO can help you create even the most complex systems with a single development environment. Paired with USRP RIO, LabVIEW Communications and LTE and 802.11 application frameworks can jump-start your research.

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Application Frameworks

Save time and focus on innovation with the MIMO, LTE and 802.11 application frameworks. They’re ready to run and easily modifiable.

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LabVIEW Communications Evaluation

Download the evaluation to test it out for yourself!

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