LabVIEW Communications Application Frameworks

The Application Frameworks are software reference designs that provide a rich set of high performance FPGA IP for prototyping real-time wireless communication systems. When combined with NI’s line of software defined radios, the Application Frameworks form a complete hardware and software prototyping platform that enables researchers to accelerate their prototyping efforts and achieve results quickly.

Why Choose the Application Frameworks?

Real-Time FPGA IP for Wireless Communications

The Application Frameworks provide real-time signal processing IP optimized for high throughput wireless communication applications for MIMO, LTE, and 802.11 prototyping. The Application Frameworks also includes real-time MAC layer functionality.

Open and Customizable High Performance FPGA IP

Built in LabVIEW Communications, the Application Frameworks are completely open and modifiable enabling researchers to customize the high performance wireless communications FPGA IP to suit their unique research needs.

High Performance Application Framework Options

MIMO Application Framework

The MIMO Application Framework enables researchers to conduct a variety of multi-channel experiments. The flexible software architecture supports 20 MHz of real-time channel bandwidth and up to 128 antennas for high channel count applications such as Massive MIMO.

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LTE Application Framework

The LTE Application Framework provides a real-time LTE physical layer that supports 20 MHz of channel bandwidth and both TDD and FDD transmission modes. Based upon Release 10, LTE compliant channel encoding and decoding is also supported with data rates of up to 75 Mbps.

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802.11 Application Framework

The 802.11 Application Framework provides a real-time Wi-Fi physical layer based upon the 802.11a/ac standards and supports 20 MHz of bandwidth for 802.11a and both 20/40 MHz for 802.11ac. Channel encoding/decoding and signal field detection are also supported in addition to 16 microseconds SIFS timing.

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Additional Resources

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