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Quanser QNET Mechatronics Sensors

Quanser QNET Mechatronics Sensors

NI ELVIS Mechatronics Board

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Sensors NI ELVIS Mechatronics Board—The Quanser QNET Mechatronics Sensors is an add-on application board for NI ELVIS II or NI ELVIS II+. This application board has been developed for education to facilitate hands-on, active learning of 10 of the most commonly used analog and digital sensors. The board includes four digital sensors, such as a push button, single-pole double-throw (SPDT) micro-switch, reflective optical switch and magnetic Hall effect switch, as well as six analog sensors, including a potentiometer, optical analog distance, magnetic analog field, pressure, temperature, and piezo film. Using the Quanser QNET Mechatronics Sensors, you can build foundational knowledge in mechatronics, which is critical to student success throughout the curriculum.

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