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디지털 I/O 디바이스

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96-Channel, 5 V, TTL/CMOS, 2.5 mA Digital I/O Device—The PCI-DIO-96 is a 24-bit parallel digital I/O interface. The device is ideal for a wide variety of applications including automotive design, industrial factory automation, and machine control. The PCI-DIO-96 device can interface to peripherals or other computers. The device uses four, 24-bit programmable peripheral interfaces (PPIs) that can each be divided into three, 8-bit ports. The PCI-DIO-96 can operate in either a unidirectional or bidirectional mode and handshake with peripheral equipment. You can connect the device to limit and proximity switches, level gauges, pressure switches, gas detectors, pumps, motors, digital data buses, and more.

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