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How to Configure a Teststand Sequence upon Step Failure
My TestStand Sequence goes straight to the Cleanup step upon the failure of a step. How to I change this behavior? How do I make my TestStand Sequence go straight to the Cleanup step upon failure of any ...

Programmatically Find the Names of the cRIO Modules
I would like to be able to see my module names within my LabVIEW code. Is there any way to do this programmatically?

Visa Find Resouce VI Runs Slowly the First Time After Opening LabVIEW
After opening LabVIEW, the first time I run a VI that includes the Visa Find Resources VI it takes a long time to run. After running the VI again, it speeds up. The program slows down again for the first ...

Where Can I Find NI-SLSC Drivers for Visual Studio?
I want to configure my SLSC chassis using the driver API on Visual Studio. Where can I download the driver that works on Visual Studio?

Windows Installer Prevents LabVIEW from Opening
When I try to open LabVIEW, I see a Windows Installer with the messagePreparing to Install.This message does not go away and LabVIEW does not open. How do I fix this?

Error -61338 When Compiling FPGA Code to My Device
When I try to compile my FPGA code, I get an error at my feedback node saying Error-61338LabVIEW cannot determine the size of the array output because arrays of different sizes are wired to the node. Ensure ...

Can I Use the REF IN Terminal on my USRP-2930/2932?
I try to use the REF IN terminal on my USRP-2930/2932 in order to synchronize the LO of my multiple USRPs, but it doesn't seem to work, why?

Can VirtualBench be Used as a Measurement Instrument in Multisim™?
I want to be able to use VirtualBench as a measurement instrument in Multisim™ Can I access VirtualBench within Multisim™? How can I useVirtualBench in Multisim™? Can VirtualBench be used to monitor signals ...

My DMM Is Giving Inconsistent Measurements
I am trying to take measurements of a connected network and, due to the settling time, I am getting inconsistent readings on my DMM. What can I do?

NI Package Manager Gives NI-ICP Documentation Errors
I am trying to install software using NI Package Manager. However, I am getting errors when I am trying to perform the installations. My errors may relate to NI-ICP-Documentation19.0.0.49125-O+FC or other ...