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Digital Input Rate of NI FPGA Devices
I need an FPGA device capable of measuring a high-speed digital signal. When I look at the datasheets for some National Instruments FPGA devices (such as Single-Board RIO), I do not see any specification ...

Error -2147136764 When I Run My LabVIEW Code Using CANOpen communication
I have an application that uses CANOpen communication. When I execute my code in LabVIEW, I am receiving an error message ( error -2147136764 ). How can I fix that?

LabVIEW NXG Web Application Cannot Be Loaded in Browser from Client PC
I have created a web application using the LabVIEW NXG Web Module. After I run my application in a browser (see picture below), I am not able to load the webpage from a client PC. How can I access my ...

Where Can I Find the Syntax for TestStand Expressions?
I would like to use expressions in TestStand but I don't know what the syntax rules are.

XML TestStand Report Is Not Displayed Correctly
After I created an xml-Report with TestStand, the graphical objects are not displayed correctly when I try to open the file in my browser (see image below). Which software do I need to use to open an xml-Report ...

Error -67501 LabVIEW Web Services: Parse Failed
I have created a new Web Service in LabVIEW and added a very simple Web Resource VI. When I go to start the Web Service I get the following error: There was an error running the web service on the debug: ...

How Does the Prescaler on a NI 660x Counter/Timer Device Work?
How does prescaling allow my counter to count a signal that is faster than the maximum timebase of the counter? Also, how do I control the prescaler?

Is There a Calibration Procedure Available for the NI-9469?
Is there a calibration procedure available for the 9469?

Determining SwitchBlock Relay Drive Limits
How do I determine the maximum number of relays I can drive simultaneously on my NI SwitchBlock?

What is the purpose of the FPGA_VIO pins in my sbRIO?
I see several pins of my sbRIO listed as FPGA_VIO in its pinout and the purpose of these pins is not entirely clear.