Quanser QNET VTOL 2.0​は​ご​購入​い​た​だけ​ま​せん。


Quanser QNET VTOL 2.0

Quanser QNET VTOL 2.0

NI ELVIS Controls Board


VTOL NI ELVIS Controls Board—​The Quanser QNET VTOL 2.0 is an add-​on application board for NI ELVIS II or NI ELVIS II​+. This application board has been developed for education to facilitate hands-​on, active learning of flight dynamics with a 1 degree of freedom (DOF) helicopter that introduces kinematics, vertical take-​off, PI, and PID control. The application board provides a variable-​speed fan mounted on a cantilever arm with a high-​resolution optical encoder for position measurement. Using the Quanser QNET VTOL 2.0, you can provide experiential-​based learning in mechanical, mechatronics, and aerospace engineering.