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Comparison of IVI-C and IVI-COM Drivers

Included in Approved IVI Specification Since August 1998
(IVI 1.0 based on IVI-C)
Since January 2003
Source Code Availability
(for message-based instruments)
Generally available Generally available (through custom installation)
Stability and Robustness Industry-proven, based on VXIplug&play specification Based on superseded COM technology
Driver Development Tools IVI Driver Wizard (CVI) 3rd Party custom tools
Driver ADE Usage
Native Interface C, LabWindows/CVI Visual Studio
Native Interface
(via custom wrapper)
LabVIEW, Visual Studio1 C, LabWindows/CVI
Multiplatform Capability Yes 2 No
IVI-Based Software Products NI Switch Executive None
IVI Features
Interchangeability Yes Yes
Simulation Yes Yes
Multithreading Yes Yes
State-Caching 3 On all drivers written by NI Driver supplier dependent
Interchange Checking 3 On all drivers written by NI Driver supplier dependent
Trace Class Level Calls 4 Yes
(NI I/O Trace)
Advanced Simulation 4 Yes
(NI Class Simulation Drivers)
Can Support Custom IVI Classes Yes Yes

  1. Using NI Measurement Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio .NET
  2. Multiplatform capabilities demonstrated, not yet fully developed
  3. Optional IVI features
  4. NI-specific IVI features not included in the IVI Foundation specifications