Accelerated Productivity

Develop measurement systems faster with NI LabVIEW software through its graphical system design approach. LabVIEW is a single environment that connects to third-party instrumentation and provides extensive libraries for signal processing and data visualization.

Designed Specifically for Engineers and Scientists

The LabVIEW graphical system design approach to measurements provides complete coverage of the acquisition, analysis, reporting, and display features you need to create modern, scalable measurement applications. LabVIEW provides thousands of built-in signal processing and analysis functions that you can immediately use for inline processing of measurement data. LabVIEW includes the user interface (UI) controls and indicators required for rich, interactive measurement applications.

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Abstract the Complexities of Traditional Programming

LabVIEW and its dataflow programming approach give you the ability to focus on solving your problems instead of worrying about low-level programming syntax. LabVIEW contains the same programming constructs as complex text-based programming languages (for example, loops, operators, subroutines, and so on), but presents them to you in a clear, graphical diagram.

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Measure in Minutes With the Instrument I/O Assistant

The Instrument I/O Assistant provides a UI to interactively write commands to a device, read data that the device returns, and specify how to parse the response into a format relevant to your application. The Instrument I/O Assistant simplifies the challenge of writing instrumentation applications by automatically generating code from your configurations in your environment.

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Reduce System Setup Time

NI provides extensive tools to aid in communication with third-party instruments, including troubleshooting, interactive control, and I/O tracing utilities. LabVIEW also includes numerous templates and hundreds of examples that ship with the product to assist you in getting started. NI Instrument Driver Finder (IDFinder) is integrated into the LabVIEW environment allowing for quick access to the industry’s largest collection of open-source instrument drivers.

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Communicate Effectively With a Clear UI

LabVIEW contains an extensive library of UI controls and indicators, including graphs, charts, tanks, thermometers, switches, LEDs, and 3D plots, for displaying data to the user. All of these controls and indicators are easy for the user to customize to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of the UI.

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Understand What Your Data Means

Use thousands of built-in graphical signal processing and math functions, as well as textual math to analyze your data. Create automated reports that integrate with NI DIAdem, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Excel, as well as web-based HTML reports.

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Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

With LabVIEW, you don’t have to scrap your existing code. LabVIEW supports calling DLLs and .NET assemblies created in many text-based programming languages. With the LabVIEW MathScript RT Module, you can reuse existing .m file mathematical scripts. LabVIEW gives you the programming flexibility to minimize development time and get your system up and running faster.

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Take Advantage of the LabVIEW and Instrument Control Ecosystem

The LabVIEW Tools Network is the app store for engineers and scientists. NI collaborators develop numerous third-party toolkits and compatible products designed to make any type of measurement application possible. There are over 80 add-on software products developed by NI collaborators in the LabVIEW Tools Network.

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