What Is NI InsightCM™?

NI InsightCM is online asset monitoring software for subject matter experts and maintenance professionals who need full access to waveform data, multiple sensor technology inputs, connectivity to existing enterprise software packages, and a variety of configuration options for alarms and data management. NI InsightCM can connect to various NI monitoring devices out of the box or be customized to work with third-party hardware with the software development kit. Use this open, flexible solution to monitor a larger percentage of your asset mix and drive predictive maintenance programs.

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Access Asset Information From Anywhere in the World

With NI InsightCM, you can call up asset health information and interactive data viewers from anywhere with network access using a thin-client, web-browser interface. Configurable feature extraction, alarm thresholds, and time-stamp triggers help monitor assets 24/7. Ready-to-run add-ons integrate additional sensor technologies, such as motor current signature analysis, and provide the ability to export data to third-party software such as the PI System from OSIsoft.

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Connect to Assets at the Edge With NI Monitoring Devices

NI monitoring devices are rugged, modular hardware nodes with processing capability designed to connect to sensors mounted on motors, pumps, fans, and any other field asset. The hardware works with a wide range of analog and digital sensor options to help companies cost-effectively cover a wide mix of assets for real-time monitoring and alarming. NI InsightCM data acquisition, feature extraction, and alarming run locally for 24/7 monitoring capability, and a store-and-forward architecture helps prevent lost data during network connectivity outages.

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See how NI InsightCM collects data from NI monitoring devices (CompactRIO) installed in the main building of NI’s global headquarters in Austin, Texas.

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