Assess Your Monitoring Needs

Organizations today are being forced to maintain their assets to improve reliability. Failure to implement a maintenance program that addresses that need increases the possibility of catastrophic failure and production loss. As today’s aging assets are being relied on to continue their production output and new technology is becoming more complex, expensive, and difficult to maintain, organizations are looking for a new way forward. Are you ready for the next generation of condition monitoring? Answer these questions to see.

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What Is Your Current Maintenance Mix?

Organizations today have a multitude of maintenance strategies available from letting the asset fail to performing scheduled maintenance to weaving data and analytics into business intelligence systems in order to predict and handle issues before they become catastrophic. Does the ability to implement a remote, scalable, fleetwide predictive maintenance program seem out of reach for you?

Are You Analyzing All the Asset Data You Collect?

Only five percent of digital data is actually analyzed, according to a study by the International Data Corporation (IDC). This corresponds with the significant increase in the possibility of missing an important asset health event. Does your monitoring solution give you the tools to generate actionable information from your assets when issues are discovered and manage the data you are collecting?

Are Your Equipment Specialists Undergoing Change?

It is becoming increasingly difficult to locate, hire, and train new equipment specialists. On top of that, many equipment specialists are spending upwards of 80 percent of their time collecting condition health data from assets and 20 percent analyzing this data. Do you have a plan in place to provide your equipment specialists with high-value tasks that can have a measurable impact on the organization?

Can Your Technology Evolve as Your Monitoring Needs Change?

Organizations add more assets when they are at capacity and need to grow. The monitoring technology must scale alongside this growth and continue to acquire and provide actionable data. In addition, new assets are becoming more complex and new sensing technologies may be required to monitor these assets. Does your monitoring solution scale and interoperate with new or existing equipment as your business or needs change?