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How to Choose Between NI Data Acquisition Devices or Systems
Learn how to build a Data Acquisition System (DAS) with NI hardware and software. NI DAS, also called DAQ systems, offer multiple options to configure a system to match your needs.

Testing Perception and Sensor Fusion Systems
In order for the cars to truly drive themselves, they will need to identify objects accurately, define the trajectory path, and execute. It’s called, perception, planning, and control. This white paper ...

The Future of Tactical Radio Field Test - NI and Astronics
Learn about the best test solution to meet the future testing requirements of tactical radios and secure radio networks.

What is the difference between NI and Ettus USRPs
Learn the key differences between NI and Ettus Research USRP devices used for designing, prototyping, and deploying wireless systems.

Creating a Sub-Terahertz Testbed with the NI mmWave Transceiver System
Using terahertz and sub terahertz spectrum for wireless communications is one of the first topics of 6G research. Learn more about THz applications and research.

Enabling AI Research for 5G Networks with NI SDR
Artificial intelligence creates opportunities to accelerate the future of 5G communications networks, creating exciting new areas of research.

What Does 5G Mean in 2019?
The excitement around 5G is palpable. While still early in the rollout phase, its transformative potential is unrivaled. But what does 5G really mean in 2019? 

4 Approaches to Solve Today’s Obsolescence Challenges in Aerospace and Defense
Learn about four different approaches that you as the test engineer can take to solve your obsolescence challenge today.

Expand Test Coverage and Integration with FlexLogger™ Software Extensibility
Learn how FlexLogger™ plug-ins integrate third-party I/O, custom sensors, and communication with external systems without compromising ease of use for common measurements.

Solving Tomorrow’s Obsolescence Management Challenges with System Design
Consider these best practices to reduce the sustainment burden of handling obsolescence in test systems long before the equipment goes end of life.