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NI Engineering Impact Awards

The 2016 Engineering Impact Awards received nearly 100 submissions from almost 200 authors around the globe. NI’s technical panel of experts reviewed the papers and narrowed it down to just 15. We’re pleased to share with you the 2016 category winners and finalists.


2016 Customer Application of the Year

The University of Bristol and Lund University used the NI MIMO Prototyping System to test the feasibility of massive MIMO as a viable technology for bringing greater than 10X capacity gains to future 5G networks. In doing so, they implemented the world’s first live demonstration of a 128-antenna, real-time massive MIMO testbed and set two world records in spectrum efficiency.

2016 Category Finalists and Winners

Advanced Research

Winner: Regenerating and Restoring Organ Function Damaged by Disease or Trauma, Humanitarian Award Winner

Finalist: Taiwan Experiment on Neutrino

Aerospace and Defense

Winner: Creating an Airport Runway Foreign Object Debris Detection System Based on Millimeter-Wave Radar

Finalist: NASA Data Acquisition System Software for Rocket Propulsion Testing

Electronics and Semiconductor

Winner: Design Optimization of Envelope Tracking Power Amplifiers for 5G LTE Using NI PXI, VST, LabVIEW, and NI AWR Microwave Office™

Finalist: New NI PXI-Based Power Supply Sequencing Tester: Making a Big Difference, NI Community's Choice Award Winner


Winner: Dynamic 3D Display of Rock Fracturing During Geosequestration of Greenhouse Gas

Finalist: Hybrid Battery Cycle Life Testing

Industrial Machinery and Control

Winner: Automation of a Robotized Production Cell Through CompactRIO

Finalist: Developing Three World-Class Robotic Test Systems for 3D Dynamic Test

Finalist: Welding Process Monitoring in a Galvanization Line, Intel Internet of Things Award Winner

Transportation and Heavy Equipment

Winner: Bombardier - Train Zero Model Based Design Facility

Finalist: BMS HIL Test System Helps Jaguar Land Rover Shorten Time-to-Market for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

Wireless and Mobile Communications

Winner: Setting a World Record in 5G Wireless Spectrum Efficiency With Massive MIMO, Engineering Grand Challenges Award Winner, HPE Edgeline Big Analog Data Award Winner, Powered by Xilinx Award Winner

Finalist: ESM Processor for 3D Passive Localization

Global Student Design Showcase

Winner: Project ALAN

Finalist: Control and Test of Ecocar

Finalist: Deep Freeze ROV