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NI Engineering Impact Awards

The 2014 Engineering Impact Awards received 120 submissions from authors in 29 countries. A judging committee of NI technical experts reviewed the papers and selected the contest finalists and winners. You can view the category winners and finalists and read their award-winning papers below.


2014 Customer Application of the Year

Furuno Electric used the NI platform to develop a compact weather radar to detect guerilla rainstorms in Japan, an application that has the potential to save many lives, and reduced their development time by more than 40 percent versus using a traditional approach.

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2014 Application Category Winners and Finalists

Advanced Research

Examples in this category include how research institutions and laboratories investigate and validate the viability of conceptual technologies using graphical system design techniques.
Winner: Building the World’s Largest Range High-Speed Atomic Force Microscope
Finalist: Using CompactRIO and LabVIEW to Monitor and Control a Compact Spherical Tokamak for Plasma Research



Applications in this category discuss how engineers effectively integrate dynamic measurements and advanced analysis as well as embedded control and monitoring systems into their energy applications to ensure safe, optimized operation.

Winner: Developing a High-Speed Electrical Analysis for Facility-Wide Energy Research, Intel Internet of Things Award recipient

Finalist: Controlling a Hardware-in-the-Loop Grid Simulator for the World’s Most Powerful Renewable Energy Test Facility


Functional Test
Applications in this category exhibit innovation in test system design with software-defined instrumentation and address challenges such as increasing efficiency, maximizing throughput, and/or ensuring production or verification quality.

Winner: Testing eCall Emergency Call Systems With the NI Platform

Finalist: Developing the Elektra Test System, a New End-of-Line Test Bench for Hybrid Inverters


Machine Control

Applications in this category discuss how engineers effectively integrate dynamic measurements and advanced analysis into their machines and facilities to ensure safe, optimized operation; industrial robotics manipulation; unmanned systems design; and other applications taking advantage of advanced control tactics.

Winner: Developing a Portable 3D Vision-Guided Medical Robot for Autonomous Venipuncture, Humanitarian Award and NI Community’s Choice Award recipient

Finalist: Controlling a Robotic Manipulator for Nuclear Decommissioning With CompactRIO and the LabVIEW Robotics Module


Physical Test and Monitoring

Examples in this category demonstrate how engineers are using NI hardware and software to quickly develop and custom systems to perform any test on any structure.

Winner: Characterizing Sound Profiles for a New Airbus Aircraft Using NI PXI

Finalist: Hyundai Uses a Portable Sound Camera for Buzz, Squeak, and Rattle Studies Based on LabVIEW and FPGA


RF and Communications

Examples in this category highlight how engineers are testing the RF/wireless capabilities of their products or developing next-generation algorithms for deployed wireless systems using a software-defined platform.

Winner: Weather Radar: Design-to-Deployment Using the NI Platform, Application of the Year Award recipient

Finalist: Building a Satellite Navigation Test Platform Using the NI Vector Signal Transceiver



Applications in this category use NI hardware and software for design, test, and control for planes, trains, and automobiles. Some of these applications include rapid engine control unit (ECU) prototyping, machine condition monitoring of vehicle components, hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulation, and in-vehicle logging.

Winner: Advancing Subaru Hybrid Vehicle Testing Through Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation, Engineering Grand Challenges Award recipient

Finalist: Remote Condition Monitoring of London Underground Track Circuits, Xilinx All Programmable Innovation Award recipient


Student Design Showcase

Examples in this category feature student projects that use LabVIEW and graphical system design tools. Topics include student senior design and capstone design projects.

Winner: Sepios: The Omnidirectional Cuttlefish Robot

Finalist: EureCar: KAIST Self-Driving Car

Finalist: NASA Student Launch Project