Teaching Wireless Communications

Deliver visibility of real-world signals into the classroom and lab to show students how communications courses can be more than just math, homework, and simulation.

NI Expertise Overview

From analog and digital modulation to Massive MIMO and mmWave, our mission is to create graduates capable of building an Internet of Things powered by 5G. NI wireless communications teaching solutions help students explore the fundamentals of signals and systems as well as the associated radio transceiver design. From there, future engineers can move on to use software defined radio hardware to study analog and digital modulation with tools and resources identical to those used in industry and world-leading research. The NI teaching platform is an ecosystem of hardware, software, and courseware that gives students visibility into the inner workings of the systems they’re learning or building.

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Products and Solutions

Introduction to Communications

This laboratory guide from Professor Bruce Black of Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology is perfect for a student’s first experience with wireless systems—from AM to FM and FSK to QPSK.

Software Solutions

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