5G New Radio (NR) for Wireless Communications

Explore the leading perspectives and technology driving next-generation wireless communications systems and applications.

Wireless Communications—The Rise of 5G

This documentary explores the evolution and challenges that come with a more connected world. Gain insight from industry influencers on how the standards being defined will shape everything from healthcare and automation to autonomous vehicles and smart factories. Also see how leading wireless researchers from Nokia and universities such as NYU, Bristol, and Lund are approaching these challenges and adapting to the new 5G landscape.

Perspectives and NI Technology in 5G

Massive MIMO
mmWave Transceiver
Wireless Communications Research
SDR Hardware

Explore How NI Leads the Way With 5G

NI Establishes Wireless Communications Lead User Program

NI's program includes more than 10 research institutions working on 5G communications.

NI and TU Desden Collaborate on 5G Mobile Network Research

The 5G wireless lab will be one of the first in the world to determine global standards for the next phase of wireless communications.

FPGAs Improve Throughput Communications

Onboard signal processing provides performance improvements for quadrature digital upconversion, baseband, single tone, and frequency hop signals.

Nokia Networks Rapidly Prototype 5G Proof-of-Concept System

Nokia teams up with NI to tackle the mmWave challenge.

NI Collaborates With CROWD to Define 5G Wireless Communications

As a CROWD member, NI researches reliable high-speed data access at all points in dense networks through small cell densification.

NI Strengthens Global Leadership in 5G Wireless With BEEcube Acquisition

NI Unveils New Wireless Innovation Lab to Advance 5G Research

A Dynamic TDD Radio Interface (RAN1)

The first-ever (for the whole industry) presented technical contribution on 5G NR in RAN1.

Wireless researchers set world records in 5G wireless spectral efficiency

NI Announces World’s First mmWave Software Defined Radio to Help Speed 5G Research

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