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Applications and Plug-Ins

There are a number of applications that you may find useful in order to fully experience the resources available on this site:

Adobe Acrobat Reader
We use PDF (portable document format) files for some documents that are either too long or otherwise unsuitable for presentation as web pages. Examples include white papers, application and technical notes, and product data sheets and specifications. To view PDF files, we recommend that you download the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Viewer, available free from Adobe Systems Inc.

WinZip is a useful utility for expanding files archived or compressed in .zip, .tar, and many other formats. Available for Windows only, a demonstration version of WinZip is available for download from WinZip Computing, Inc.

Stuffit Expander
For Macintosh or Windows, Stuffit Expander is another useful freeware utility that allows you to expand files compressed or archived in a variety of popular formats, including MacBinary (.bin), BinHex (.hqx), UUencoded (.uue), .tar, .zip, and StuffIt (.sit). Stuffit Expander is available as a free download from Aladdin Systems, Inc.

Many of the videos on our site require the RealPlayer plug-in which is provided as a free download from RealNetworks.

Windows Media
Some of the videos on our site require Windows Media Player which is provided as a free download from Microsoft Corp.