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Testing Environmentally Friendly Products

Never has the need for test been greater. As the pace of innovation has increased, so has the pressure to get new, differentiated products to market quickly. Meeting these demands is now a factor in business success; whoever can meet these demands fastest, most consistently, and most reliably has a decided advantage over the competition. As a provider of software and hardware tools for engineers and scientists, National Instruments offers effective technologies for product design, test, and deployment. At the heart of graphical system design is NI software's ease of use and high-performance I/O. These products shorten development time and provide high-end flexible solutions essential for validating and testing environmentally friendly products.

Validation and Characterization of Environmentally Friendly Designs

Working with more than 25,000 companies for more than 30 years to help define, develop, and refine test strategies and products, National Instruments has created a complete test platform for electronics validation and characterization of environmentally friendly products. These tools reduce time to market with commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) components. Hydrogen vehicle development, environmental noise reduction, power consumption, and efficiency improvements are only a few example areas that harness the power of NI products.

Production Test of Environmentally Friendly Products

Through rapid development software and a platform strategy that bridges design, validation, and test, NI is able to shorten product release cycles that can keep up with the fast-paced evolution of environmentally friendly products. The NI test platform offers connectivity to thousands of instruments, probes, cameras, states, and sensors while providing integration with common test and enterprise software tools. This ensures that your environmentally friendly design stays green, even as a final product.